Blantons - Gold - Aged 8 Years


Blantons - Gold
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Colour: Amber with gilded reflections.

Nose: Finely timbered, marked by the dry fruits, evoke spices (grooves) and the flowers heady (chevrefeuille).

Palate: The sharp mouth, elegant and race evolves/moves on the fruits (plum) and the spices (clove).

Finish: Long, develops on vanilla notes, nut of pecan and wood flaring.

Limited stock.

Category(s):     Bourbon & USA Whiskey
Group(s):     Bourbon Whiskey ,   Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Producer: Blantons   -
ABV:   51.5%
Brand:   Blantons
Country of Origin:   USA
Region:   Kentucky
Single Barrel:   Yes
Type:   Single Barrel Bourbon


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Producer Information

In the winter of 1881, Albert Bacon Blanton was born into one of the first families of bourbon history. At the age of 16, he started work in the distillery as an office boy and fast became a leading pioneer in the development of bourbon. From the time he was made company president in 1921 till his retirement in 1952, his distillery expanded from 44 to 144 buildings to become the largest distillery of its day.
During that period Colonel Albert Blanton created his very special and limited supply of bourbon - his private reserve - handpicked and stored in what now is known as the famous Warehouse H. Although Colonel Blanton died in the spring of 1959, his legacy lives on in every bottle produced today.
The Master Distiller, a true artisan, is the crucial element in the bourbon making process. Each brand of bourbon has its own recipe, closely guarded by the master distiller. Master distillers are involved from the beginning, carefully selecting grains and keeping a close eye on fermentation. It is said that a good distiller can tell just how long the mash has been fermenting by the shape of the bubbles. The master distiller plays other key roles; selecting barrels, monitoring temperatures and finally, determining when the bourbon is aged to perfection.

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