Sagatiba - Vehla - Oak Barrel Aged 70cl Bottle


Sagatiba - Vehla
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70cl Bottle
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Sagatiba Vehla Cachaca is a top quality aged cachaca produced by Brazil's best distillers.

Coracao de Minias is one of the best and most traditional cachaca distillers based in the heart of Minas Gerias State in Brazil.

An authentic spirit which is slowly aged in oak barrels to acquire their perfect aroma and flavour.

Category(s):     Cachaca
Group(s):     Aged Cachaca
Producer: Sagatiba   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Sagatiba
Cachaca Style:   Gold
Cachaca Type:   Artisanal
Country of Origin:   Brazil
Region:   Minas Gerais


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Producer Information

Sagatiba a producer that reinvented the Cachaca distillation process is the best example to stand for quality control standards that ensure top quality Cachaca in terms of flavour and purity. The product is distilled in a revolutionary multi-distillation process.
Sagatiba is the evolution of Cachaca. Its name means 'The infinite Saga', the never ended search for purity, quality, flavour and stories.
The Brazilian official liquor may be enjoyed pure or in a number of cocktails. The most popular Cachaca cocktail is Caipirinha, also born in Brazil, a mix of lime, sugar and Cachaca that has been growing a legion of aficionados all over the world.

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