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70cl Bottle
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Tuaca (2-wa-ka), is an imported Italian Liqueur, with its unique blend of ingredients giving Tuaca its vanilla and citrus character, which contributes to its lightly sweet & smooth taste.

Tuaca is an Italian spirit inspired by a recipe originally created for the ruler of Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, in Renaissance Italy during the 15th century. Lorenzo was known as 'the Magnificent' for his love of all things great. He is credited to have kick-started the Renaissance era.

The recipe was sadly lost when the Medici family fell from power but was the inspiration for two childhood friends from Tuscany - Gaetano Tuoni and Giorgio Canepa. In 1938, they opened their own distillery to fulfil their dream of distilling traditional Italian spirits.

As a tribute to Lorenzo de' Medici, an image of a brass etching from El Duomo Cathedral's Baptistry doors has been portrayed on the bottle. Michelangelo called these gates 'The Gates of Paradise'. The etching is based on the first mention of liquor in the Bible within Genesis. The crest that is cast into the present day bottle and represented on the label is the shield of Livorno, the birthplace of Tuaca. To this day, Tuaca is still hand crafted from all natural ingredients by the Tuoni & Canepa Distillery in Livorno, Tuscany.

Tuaca is made from oak-aged Italian brandy, which is then infused with natural citrus fruit and sweet aromatics, most notably light vanilla. This gives Tuaca its complex taste profile and incredible versatility - making it the perfect ingredient for any number of cocktails or long drinks. Tuaca is also delicious neat over ice or as a chilled shot serve.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Group(s):     Vanilla Flavoured
Producer: Brown Forman
ABV:   35%
Brand:   Brown Forman
Country of Origin:   Italy
Liqueur Type:   Fruit
Website:   www.tuaca.com


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3 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 12 Dec 2012
Review: Delightful bouquet of vanilla with hints of citrus and sweet cicely and perhaps faint traces of aniseed. Essential smooth and sensual on the palate. Made a Tuaca Coffee and it was warming and mellow, mellow right on! Bought a bottle in Brighton.

Date of Review: Thu, 30 Jul 2009
Review: Was introduced to this by a friend who works for the manufacturer and am now quite partial to it! As well as going well with ginger beer, I find it's quite good at settling a stomach when warm and neat.

Date of Review: Sun, 25 May 2008
Review: Super smooth. Excellent on its own, and brilliant as an alternative to Cachaca in a Capirinha!
This was introduced to us while we were at a wedding reception in Brighton. A couple of the barmen were taking a break and Capirinha with Tuaca was the drink they were making for themselves.

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