Lysholm - Linie Aquavit 70cl Bottle


Lysholm - Linie Aquavit
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70cl Bottle
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Well-rounded mild herb-taste with a light sherry note.

Made of a multitude of herbs and spices. In old sherry-casks it slumbers, awaiting the exciting moment of it's journey, which brings it from Norway via Australia crossing the equator twice on it's journey around the world.

A state guarantee with the name of the ship and the length of the journey on every bottle.

A digestif, for all occasions, iced in an uncooled glass.

Many legends creep around the "hero" who found out that Aquavit that was shipped around the globe tastes differently than the one kept on land. One tells the following: It was in the year 1850 when the schooner "Gymer" got the task to ship a cargo of Aquavit from Norway to Australia. But as it was many years ago, cargo took there time, and so it was not astonishing, that the consignee died in the meantime. What's to do?

The helpless captain could not think of anything else than taking the cargo back to Norway. Of course this sailor did not know what big advantage he gave to the posterity. A wondrous change had occurred : The Aquavit that was shipped twice across the equator - the line as the Norwegians say - suddenly tasted so fine and gentle like no other - the hour of birth of Linie Aquavit.

Still today the Aquavit matures on ships of the Wilhelm Wilhemsen shipping company in selected Spanish oak-casks, where for many years strong Oloroso-Sherry matured. Gentle rocked from the swell of the oceans this Aquavit combines the high class-taste of herbs with the fine aroma of the sherry-casks and completes it to a unique consumption.

Premium Aquavit mit quatorreife!

Limited Stock.

Category(s):     Speciality
Group(s):     Aquavit
Producer: Arcus A/s Norway   -
ABV:   41.5%
Brand:   Arcus A/s Norway
Country of Origin:   Norway


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3 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 04 Nov 2011
Review: Drink with beer at Christmas as I was shown when living in Norway. It is not like the other Scandinavian Aquavits but is smooth due to its maturation in wood barrels and being shipped across the equator.

It is an enjoyable drink and I keep mine in a glugflask (decanter). It does not need to be chilled either.

Date of Review: Thu, 07 Jan 2010
Review: Loverly stuff. Ideal to drink with fish (be wary though this is a very strong drink) or with an ice cold beer. Personally it's my favourite hipflask tipple. All Aquavit is still transported the circumference of the globe as part of the process and if you look at the back of the label through the bottle it will say what ship it was on. Linie is a nice mid flavour Aquavit, as a guide the darker the Aquavit the stronger the flavour.

Date of Review: Wed, 18 Nov 2009
Review: Love it! Had it many years ago when I first turned 18 from grandfather - a Norwegian - who took me aside and taught me how to drink it properly with a glass of cold lager. Linie is lovely & smooth and goes equally well with lager as it does on its own.

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