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42 Below - Kiwi Fruit
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After three years of research, the team at 42Below managed to extract kiwi flavour from kiwifruit to make the world's first kiwi flavoured vodka.

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Category(s):     Vodka
Group(s):     ,   Flavoured Vodka ,   Kiwi Flavoured
Producer: 42 Below   -   www.42below.co.nz
ABV:   40%
Brand:   42 Below
Country of Origin:   New Zealand
Flavour:   Kiwi
Grain:   Wheat


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Date of Review: Thu, 01 Dec 2005
Review: Having first heard of 42 Below from an Air New Zealand in-flight magazine shortly before it became internationally renowned, and having loved the plain version from the moment I first sampled it, and having tried several of the flavours in various bars, I decided to order a bottle of 42 Below Kiwifruit, presuming it would be merely very good.
I was wrong - this very well may be the best flavoured vodka I've sampled. It carries a tantalisingly real aroma of kiwifruit that made my mouth water, and the taste was just as full, and not artificial in the slightest.
Being based on 42 Below, the quality of the vodka used is obviously beyond reproach, and it came across as clean and oh-so-smooth.
If you like kiwifruit, you will definitely love this. I cannot possibly give it enough praise.

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Producer Information

From the cloud-white, kiln-fired label to the long, cool depth of the glass bottle, from the purest water in the world to the cleanest environment as its home, everything about 42 Below is purity, it is no wonder its story is too.
A garage in Wellington, New Zealand, a long white cloud and one mans idea. Geoff Ross has always been a vodka fan, and still is, only now there is only one he drinks, 42 Below.
Vodka is based on one simple principle - purity. Pure ingredients, pure distillation and a pure environment - things that New Zealand can proudly boast.
1996, and Ross had a moment of clarity. There was no reason why New Zealand could not produce a world-class vodka from its own resources. So he bought a still, did his research, and took the first steps in developing what is now an international award-winning vodka brand. With no experience but a whole lot of passion, 42 Below began in the Ross family garage, through trial and error and not a little taste testing.
3 years later, and the formula was perfected. A distiller with over 20 years experience was employed to iron out the creases in an otherwise flawless recipe, a water source with the highest purity rating available was found and a birthday gift of a GPS receiver provided the name, 42 Below - New Zealand position on the Global Positioning System.
42 BELOW makes no bones about being a premium brand. It is priced higher than your average, mass-produced vodka and the company have forsaken the Government Tax Benefits by keeping the vodka at 42% alcohol. This has its rewards, Awards. In 2002 42 BELOW was awarded silver by the worlds toughest judging panel, The Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago. In 2000 it was judged number two in the world by UK magazine class. In November 2003 The Independent's Sunday Review rated it as one of the top two vodkas in the world in their double blind tasting. It has been enjoyed at some of the biggest Oscar parties, Lord Of The Rings premieres around the globe and at fashion shows in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Understandably 42 BELOW is not your average vodka. It blends the smoothness of Polish vodkas with the cleanness of Scandinavian vodkas to achieve a full-bodied, lightly oiled drink that glides silkily over the tongue. It's all in the method, the distillation process at 42 Below extracts the purest liquid from every batch, doing away with any methanol head or sediment tail, leaving only the purest heart of the distillation process that fills every bottle.
It's only right then that 42 Below is not for the average drinker. It has found its loyal fans in the fussiest of bartenders, the most discerning of vodka connoisseurs, and the hippest of cocktail sippers. You won't find 42 Below at every bar, or in every store, but you'll find it at the best. And that is exactly where it should be.

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