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Efe Fresh Grape Raki is produced from fresh grapes ripening under the Aegean Sun, Efe Fresh Grape Raki has an indispensable taste for Raki lovers with a flavour that appeals to different palates.

The first to be distilled from only fresh grapes and introduced by Efe in March 2005 with a limited production of 100.000 litres

Efe fresh grapes is the premium and smoother version of Classic Blue Efe.

It was the start of a new range of fresh grapes Raki's in Turkey.

Selected top-quality grapes and anise seeds of the Aegean coast gives Efe Raki its distinct taste and unmistakeable aroma every time. Triple-distilled grape alcohol is re-distilled in pot stills to offer the quality that is appreciated by even the most discriminating Raki drinkers.

EFE Raki prides itself on being "The Original Turkish Raki." It's also the first privately produced Raki in Turkey. For those wondering, Raki is a popular spirit consumed by drinkers throughout Turkey and surrounding countries. People from that region genuinely like to drink Raki with seafood. Raki is to Turkey what Tequila/Mezcal is to Mexico. It is engrained in Turkish culture, and is the national spirit.

EFE Raki can be consumed straight or one can add water and ice.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Group(s):     Exotic Liqueurs
Producer: Elda
ABV:   45%
Brand:   Elda
Country of Origin:   Turkey


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Date of Review: Wed, 29 Jul 2009
Review: I have been holidaying in Turkey for many years, and found Efe Raki to be a revelation. Its smoothness and the fullness of flavour beats Yeni and the other standard Rakis hands down. If you get the chance, bag some as your friends will think you are a wonder worker.

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