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Goslings - Family Reserve
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70cl Bottle
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155 years seems long enough. So the deep, dark secret rum that we Goslings have enjoyed for generations is now going public. Appropriately called Gosling's Family Reserve Old Rum, it is crafted from the same incomparable Bermuda blend that they use for their renowned Black Seal Rum. But, they leave it resting in oak barrels even longer, aging it until it has acquired an extra luscious, nuanced complexity much like a rare Scotch or Cognac.

Consider it the ultimate sipping rum.

A spirit this unusual deserves more than the usual bottle and label. So they lovingly take each bottle, hand label it, dip it in wax, number it, encircle it with a metal band and then place it in a straw-filled wooden box reminiscent of days past.

The Perfect Old Rum Recipe:
1 oz. - blah, blah, blah
1/2 tsp. - blah, blah
2 oz. - blah, blah, blah
Dash - blah

Gosling's point? Old Rum is built to savour as it is poured. Add ice if you must, but nothing else other than a little eager anticipation.

Awards - Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005.
Gold Award, Premium Category - International Rum Festival, St. Johns, Newfoundland 2004.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Dark Gold Rum ,   Father's Day Ideas ,   Premium Rum ,   Rum Gifts
Producer: Goslings   -   www.goslingsrum.com
ABV:   40%
Ageing:   Cask
Body:   Full Bodied
Brand:   Goslings
Country of Origin:   Bermuda
Distillation Method:   Pot & Column Still
Oak Cask Type:   Ex-Bourbon
Rum Style:   Dark
Single Barrel:   No
Sweetness:   Medium
Website:   www.goslingsrum.com


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Sat, 21 Jul 2007
Review: A fantastic sipping rum. Same as the Black Seal but more mellow and less sweet...making it even better than before. It's the same thing just aged another 5-7 years in oak barrels.

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Producer Information

Gosling Brothers Ltd. imported its first barrels of Caribbean rum into Bermuda in 1860. Numerous different blends were tried until one was formulated and deemed ideal.
The result was a well-aged, extremely dark rum, which the firm dubbed "Old-Rum". For over 50 years the rum was sold only by draught, with local patrons bring in their own bottles to be filled. The rum continued to be sold exclusively out of the barrel until the First World War, when the company began filling champagne bottles reclaimed from the British Officer's mess. The corks were secured in place with the use of black sealing wax, prompting people to refer to the brand as "Black Seal."
It wasn't until many years later that Gosling Brothers adopted the image of the barrel juggling "black seal" on its labels. To this day, Gosling's Black Seal Rum is created according to the original family recipe from a premium blend of three-year old rums.

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