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Asbach - Uralt
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70cl Bottle
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A German Brandy blended from 25 different wine distillations, then aged for up to 3 years in limousin oak casks.

With a deep golden colour, cognac character but fruitier.

Grape and oak aroma. Clean, crisp with a rather astringent flavour.

Category(s):     Cognac & Brandy
Group(s):     Brandy
Producer: Asbach   -
ABV:   38%
Brand:   Asbach
Brandy Type:   Brandy
Country of Origin:   Germany
Oak Cask Type:   Limousin


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9 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 22 Aug 2014
Review: I got to know this in my late teens living in Germany , and have enjoyed it ( some times a little to much ) for the last 40 odd years on and off.
I like a good brandy , and this is up there with brandy that costs at least twice as much , lovely on it own at room temperature , or with ice , or as a long drink with coke ( preferred drink of forces and ex forces ) , lemonade , or fantastic with a ginger beer.
Try it , you won't regret it .
The sad thing is that you can't seem to get it in the 1Ltr or 3Ltr bottles as you can in the rest of the EU .
It's got a fantastic colour , and the aroma is fantastic.
If you can try some of the older vintages as well , you will be very impressed .

Date of Review: Mon, 12 Dec 2011
Review: Our friends introduced Asbach to my wife and I several years ago, my wife detests it (she only drinks rubbish wine), but I love this exquisitely smooth Brandy. Mellow, with a beautiful oak aroma, rich colours with a distinctive and rather pleasing flavour, no other Brandy comes close. I love Germany, the people, the culture and most of all the beautiful Brandy that is Asbach Uralt, a winner in every sense.

Date of Review: Wed, 30 Nov 2011
Review: I am writing on behalf of my wife as well as myself. We recently visited Rudesheim and had are first encounter with Asbach. I am not a brandy drinker nor is my wife. However now we are. Tennessee whiskey and Scotch are my drink of choice and my wife has a fondness for the oakiness of Jack. This could explain our instant love for Asbach. It has a mellow full flavour with the light hint of fruit sweetness but the overtone of oak which we loved. We love it in our coffee or straight not to mention the dark chocolate candies. If ever given the opportunity to try Asbach, we highly recommend it.

Date of Review: Tue, 29 Nov 2011
Review: Lived in germany for many years, a beautiful brandy especially on a cold winters night mixed with hot ribena. MMMM. So delighted.

Date of Review: Fri, 23 Oct 2009
Review: Asbach is wonderful. When I am sick and need a hot toddie, a shot if this in some hot tea is wonderful. I so loved it when I was stationed in Germany. I am unable to find it here in the states. The only place is in the Class 6 store on an military base. Wish I could find it locally or even order it for myself. A little bit goes a long way. 1 bottle can last me 1 year or so......

Date of Review: Fri, 10 Apr 2009
Review: I was stationed in Germany 4 years. The very first time I tasted it I fell in love with it. It really broke my heart when I had to leave.

Date of Review: Fri, 14 Dec 2007
Review: Tasted this for the first time last week. I'm not really a brandy drinker, but this was gorgeous. Tasted more like a good Highland malt whisky than a brandy! Will be buying some soon...

Date of Review: Mon, 19 Feb 2007
Review: Usually a Cognac drinker, I tried this following a recommendation. It has a rather interesting flavour, with more character and less sugar than is typically found in non-French brandies. It is described in the product text as being fruity, but I have a hard time picking out any particular fruit that it resembles -- the taste is more generic than most Cognac, and without the light floral aftertaste. The oakiness, meanwhile, is noticeable without being overpowering.
Overall, it is definitely worth a try. It may lack the traditional brilliance and care of blending of a good Cognac, but it makes up for it with originality.

Date of Review: Sun, 03 Apr 2005
Review: I have just drank some 30 yr old Asbach. The woman bought it when she joined the service. She made a commitment that she wasn't going to open it until she retired. Well, she got her discharge papers 30 yrs later,this week. Very good it was.

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Producer Information

Hugo Asbach, merchant and distiller, founded Asbach & Co. in Rudesheim on the Rhine on 11th May, 1892. A legend is born as the then 24-year old sets up a business with just two stills. Hermann Asbach, one of the three sons of Hugo Asbach, who is later become the owner of Asbach, is born in Rudesheim on March 18th, 1894. Expansion of the firm when the Albert Sturm family of wine merchants joins.This gives the firm the economic means to produce a brandy able to prevail in the seemingly all-powerful competition from France. During World War I, it is decided in 1917 that Asbach Uralt cannot be supplied to private customers in order to guarantee the rations of the German navy. Only pharmacies can still be supplied.
Hugo Asbach dies at the age of 67 on July 24th, 1935. Following Hugo Asbach's death, his two sons Hermann and Rudolf Asbach and their uncle, Franz Boltendahl, take over management of the firm.
Asbach is one of the very first firms to use the new medium of television for its advertising. Everyone knows the slogan "Asbach Uralt - the perfect way to celebrate" and it becomes a household name. The firm of Asbach celebrates its 100th anniversary. A century in the service of enjoyment comes to an end.
The firm has every reason to celebrate as it looks back on its long tradition and forward to a new millennium. In March 2002, Semper idem Underberg AG acquire 100% of Asbach GmbH.

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