Cockspur - Five Star Fine - Barbados Rum



Cockspur - Five Star Fine
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This fine golden rum is matured slowly in American white oak barrels before being expertly blended to create the final product.

Significantly smoother on the palate than many other brown spirits, the quality stands out whether it's straight or mixed. The agreeable distinctive flavour is great on the rocks but equally best mixed with your favourite mixer or in cocktails.

In Barbados, Cockspur & Coke is a popular favourite. Five Star is light and golden in colour with an uncomplicated, pleasant smell. Its taste is extremely smooth, round and warm, which becomes spicy on the palate, getting slightly buttery towards the end.

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Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Gold Rum
Producer: Cockspur   -
ABV:   37.5%
Brand:   Cockspur
Country of Origin:   Barbados
Rum Style:   Gold


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 20 May 2009
Review: Upon first cracking the bottle open the aroma of this rum was very uncomplicated, light and rather timid. However upon mixing with cola and a squeeze of lime I was surprised to find this rum to be one of the smoothest spirits I have ever tasted. This would definitely be a wonderful rum to offer to someone who is not really a rum drinker, they would almost certainly be persuaded to try other more vibrant rums. Uncomplicated, smooth as silk and very easy going Cockspur is a fantastic addition to any rum collection.

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Producer Information

Cockspur rum was founded by Valdemar Hanschell in 1884. He was of Danish descent and came to Barbados via the Virgin Islands where he had worked for several years in the ship brokerage business.
Settling in Barbados, which had become one of the biggest shipping ports in the Western Hemisphere at that time, he founded a ship chandlery, supplying to visiting ships - ropes, sails, salt, fresh fruit, meat and of course rum.
Through the years, business thrived and so too did the popularity of Cockspur rum. He took on a partner, expanded his trade into exports and became Hanschell Larson. Cockspur became known internationally, continued to grow and through a later merger, Hanschell Inniss was formed. That company still blends and bottles Cockspur today.

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