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LOCKES - Premium Blend
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A very enjoyable blend designed for drinking any time of the day or night.

The Locke's Irish Whiskey brand originates from Locke's Distillery in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath which is situated along the banks of the river Brusna in the heart of Ireland.

Locke's Distillery has the distinction of being the oldest licensed distillery in the world dating back to 1757. This was a small rural distillery that prospered in the 19th century by successfully exporting its whiskey to the UK, US, Argentina, Australia and other UK colonies. The change in the economic climate eventually forced Locke's to cease operations in 1953 and sell of its assets. This loss in distilling history was ultimately Cooley Distillery's gain when it bought over Locke's Distillery and its remaining assets in the late 1980's.

Locke's Irish Whiskey is made from marrying malt and grain whiskey together. This fine whiskey is double distilled in traditional pot stills and patent stills and uses only the finest malted barley, maize and the purest Irish spring water. Maturation of Locke's Irish Whiskey takes place in the 200 year old warehouses in Kilbeggan. A blend of malt and grain whiskey that has been gently mature in oak casks is used to create the distinct flavour and character that is unique to Locke's Irish Whiskey.

Nose: Sweet and malty.
Taste: Sweet and smooth at first. Possessing a full malty and spicey middle and a delightful honeyed sweetness which rolls around the palate, filling the mouth. It glides over the taste-buds like the smoothest of silks. Well balanced overtones of oak wood.
Finish: The powerful maltiness trickles off leaving the grain which is first noticeable as the conveyor of ex-bourbon cask vanillins. Soft, clean and quite malty with a little oloroso sherry wood.
Serving Suggestions: Locke's premium blend Irish Whiskey can be served neat, on the rocks, or with a little water to taste. It can also be served with any mixer, or with coffee to make an authentic Irish Coffee. It is also great for cooking. Really the possibilities are endless.

Category(s):     Irish Whiskey
Group(s):     St Patrick's Day
Producer: Cooley Distillery   -   www.cooleywhiskey.com
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Cooley Distillery
Country of Origin:   Eire
Distillery:   Cooley


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Producer Information

Cooley Distillery is the only independent Irish owned distillery in Ireland, founded in 1987 by John Teeling, a highly respected Irish entrepreneur. It was during his studies at Harvard University in the early 1970's that John Teeling identified the decline of Irish whiskey as an opportunity to reverse this situation.
John Teeling bought the former State owned potato alcohol plant in the Cooley peninsula on Ireland's east coast. This alcohol plant was converted in less than two years into two distilleries - a pot still and a patent still operation. This marked the first rival to Irish Distillers, who up to this point were the sole producer of Irish whiskey in the world. Meanwhile Willie McCarter, who had been in the US as a student at the same time as John Teeling and shared the vision, acquired some of the assets of the old A.A. Watt distillery in Co. Derry. In 1988 Willie McCarter merged his interests with John Teeling.
Another Irish entrepreneur, Paul Power, and Lee Mallagahan, the former owner of Locke's Distillery joined the Cooley board. Cooley soon acquired the brand names of Andrew A. Watt and Co. of Derry, Northern Ireland (established in 1762) and John Locke and Co. of Kilbeggan (established in 1757). The latter has the distinction of being the oldest licensed distillery in the world.
Cooley is a public unlisted company with over 300 shareholders who for the most part have been with Cooley since its foundation.
Ever since Cooley Distillery first entered their whiskies in the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in 1995, the company has won a number of gold, silver and bronze medals for quality since first entering. This confirms the growing reputation of Cooley Irish whiskey.
However, the ultimate accolade for Cooley was when it was awarded a trophy in 1998 by the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) for outstanding achievement to the spirits industry.
The citation accompanying the award reads: "This award to Cooley is one sign that the quality of Irish whiskey is now truly recognized. From its distillery in County Louth established as recently as 1987, Cooley produces a range of blended and single malt whiskies that have rapidly gained a formidable reputation and impressed the judges to award the Worldwide Achievement title to a distiller for the first time in the competition's history".

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