Dalwhinnie - 15 Year Old - Highland Malt Whisky 70cl Bottle


Dalwhinnie - 15 Year Old
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70cl Bottle
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From the highest distillery in Scotland, set in the windswept Grampian mountians with their unlimited supply of fresh spring water, comes this delightfully gentle, delicatley smokey malt.

Dalwhinnie is one of the six 'Classic Malts' carefully selected to best represent each of the main whisky producing regions of Scotland. They embrace the the full diversity of regional tastes and styles.

Dalwhinnie is a gentle, delicate malt from the wild and windswept Highlands.

It is subtle, smooth and a delicately smokey malt with a honey finish.

Category(s):     Single Malt Whisky
Group(s):     15 Year Old Scottish Malt Whisky
Producer: Dalwhinnie   -   www.dalwhinnie.com
ABV:   40%
Age:   15 Year Old
Brand:   Dalwhinnie
Country of Origin:   Scotland
Distillery:   Dalwhinnie
Region:   Highland


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Date of Review: Wed, 31 May 2006
Review: The Dalwhinnie 15yo has sentimental value to me.
I have owned several bottles in my life, the first one was the most significant.
In 2000 I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, I bought a bottle of Dalwhinnie 15yo in the duty free on the way out, As its the highest distillery in Scotland I thought it apt that this should be the drink to have if and when I got to the summit.
So I lugged the bottle all the way to the top in my day-pack, and I can tell you that awkward shaped round bottle in the small of my back got heavy.
Anyway I summited after 5 days but, when I got to the top I was so dehydrated and exhausted, I totally forgot I was carrying it, It was only when I got back to base camp, I remembered I had it.
Our whole party had a little celebration that night.
As for the scotch, the Dalwhinnie 15yo is a fine spirit indeed.
This highland malt, is made from the snow-fed waters of the Allt an t'Sluic spring.
Dalwhinnie is clean and uncomplex, dry, and wonderfully grainy, it is sweet, and has very subtly peaty finish.
A great introduction into fine single malts, before you try tackling a peat smokey Lagavulan, or Laphroaig.

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Producer Information

The highest distillery in Scotland, midway between Perth and Inverness and situated at 326m/1073ft. It is in a glen with the Monadhlaith Mountains on the one side, the Forest of Atholl, the Cairngorms and the Grampians to the other. Dalwhinnie is Gaelic for "meeting place" and the village stands at the junction of old cattle-droving routes from the west and north down to the markets of Crieff and Falkirk in the Central Lowlands.
Dalwhinnie is a barren and isolated spot and has to be completely self-contained. It has a special hostel for catering for staff when blizzards or torrents cut them off from their homes.
Much whisky smuggling went on along this route. In front of the distillery is the river Truim, one of several that feed the Spey though it takes its water from the Allt an t'Sluic burn. The Dalwhinnie distillery was founded by James Buchanan and called Strathspey when it opened in 1897. Buchanan becamed well known for his "Buchanan" and "Black & White" blends. Stretching a point the distillery can regard itself as being on Speyside, though it is 5 miles or more from the beginning of the dense distillery country to the north. Dalwhinnie was damaged by fire in 1934 and reopened in 1938. The distillery also serves as a meteorological observation point and every day the distillery manager treks, wades or slides across the lawn to the 'Stevenson Screen' to record the day's observations.
Their water comes from the Allt an t'Sluic spring, bedded in granite and which feeds the Spey. James Buchanan used Dalwhinnie as the core malt of the Buchanan's and Black & White blended whiskies. Like many other distilleries the current management will stress the tradidional wooden washbacks and distinctive lye pipes leading from the tops of the stills.

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