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Tosolini - Most da Uva Miste
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Product: Most Acquavite da Uve Miste (from blended grapes).
Raw material: Distillate of Friulian grapes (Cabernet, Merlot, Tocai and Pinot Grigio) produced with traditional, manually operated, steam- copper pot stills.

It is bottled after being refined for 6 months in acacia tanks.

Characteristics: Appearance: Limpid and crystal-clear.
Flavour: Pleasant and delicate with a Rose aftertaste.
Aroma: Pleasant, fruity.

Created with the passion and expertise of founder Bepi, using only the freshest premium grape varieties carefully selected by the Tosolini family, is this prestigious collection of distillates for true connoisseurs.

Most, the company's flagship product, is obtained from the fermentation of the must of de-stemmed and pressed grapes in ash barrels. According to family tradition, this best preserves the delicate organoleptic characteristics of the distillate, particularly its limpid appearance and white transparency.

Distillation takes place in discontinuous, manually-operated copper stills, using a method pioneered by Bepi Tosolini over 50 years ago to guarantee persistency in the aromas and flavours of the harvest. The result is an acquavite (eau de vie) of delicate bouquet, fragrant and persistent on the palate with a dry finish. The grape varieties used in this collection are truly unique: the rare Picolit (characteristic of the Friuli region), the Ribolla gialla, the Ramandolo, the Fragolino, the Moscato Rosa and, exclusively for the Serie Storica collection , the Ribolla nera.

Each distillate is proposed in elegant blown-glass bottles, which emphasize the crystalline appearance that characterizes Bepi Tosolini distillates. The cork and wood stopper provides a barrier against dispersions of aroma and flavours, completing the aesthetic effect with a natural touch that perfectly reflects the company's philosophy of genuineness and authenticity.

Category(s):     Grappa

Producer: Bepi Tosolini   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Bepi Tosolini
Cask Type:   Acacia
Country of Origin:   Italy


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Producer Information

The secret of Tosolini distillates will never be revealed outside the family, who for generations have dedicated themselves to the art of good drinking. The ancient craft nurtured by Bepi Tosolini lives on in the professional commitment of his successors - his son Giovanni, the president, and his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa have fully engaged themselves in sales, marketing and production operations to carry on their grandfather's legacy. They have rigorously maintained the rules of refinement and aging to best preserve the flavours and aromas of ancestral Friuli, which also symbolize their love of tradition. Together they strive to keep the knowledge and craftsmanship of the master distillers of Friuli alive, as master Bepi did years ago through a relentless pursuit of quality and purity.
The history of Tosolini grappa begins after World War II when Bepi Tosolini, who cultivated a profound knowledge of his land and traditions, dedicates himself to transforming this distillate of humble origins into an elite beverage for the most refined and demanding of palates.
Bepi was the first distiller to refine grappa in ash barrels to obtain a white, limpid distillate (thus avoiding the yellow tone obtained from refinement in oak barrels), while still capturing all of the prized organoleptic qualities of the distillate such as its fragrances and flavours.
With hard work and dedication the company was able to grow to its current size, establishing itself as a quality leader. This designation has been confirmed by the numerous awards received in past editions of the Destillata Fair in Vienna - showcase event for the finest alcoholic beverage producers in the world - including a gold medal for the Most Uve Miste and bronze medals for the Most Moscato Rosa, Grappa Vigna Nuova and Grappa Cabernet in 2000; a silver medal for the Most Picolit and bronze medals for each of Most Fragolino and Grappa Moscato in 2001.

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