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Polmos Jozefow - Zytnia Rye
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Extra Zytnia is a rye vodka.

It is made from neutral grain spirit and perfect mountain water.

Highly advanced technology of carbon filtration removes trace impurities.

Category(s):     Vodka
Group(s):     Plain Vodka
Producer: Polmos Jozefow   -   www.polmosjozefow.pl
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Polmos Jozefow
Country of Origin:   Poland
Grain:   Rye


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Tue, 27 Dec 2011
Review: I first discovered Zytnia when I went to Poland in 1975. In my opinion it\'s the best vodka - clean, pure and delicious. And I love the label which shows an ear of rye. It\'s absolutely perfect with a herring in oil as a \"zagrycha\". Strongly recommended!! Na zdrowie i do dna!!

Date of Review: Fri, 19 Feb 2010
Review: I have been a huge fan of Zytnia for many years. I have found it to be the ideal vodka for making the perfect 'Bloody Mary' using 'clamato' as is proffered in the original 'Bloody Mary' recipe. Zytnia has the right amount of taste to work with the strong flavours of a 'Bloody Mary' where other vodkas are lost in the mix.

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Producer Information

The first sugar factory in Congress Poland - "Jozefow" with a seat in Prochocin was founded in 1865 . As years went by, the name "Jozefow" was adopted as the name of a settlement adjacent to the Plant. In 1875 the "Jozefow" sugar factory became the property of Towarzystwo Akcyjne Fabryki Cukru i Rafinerii (Sugar Factory Shareholders Society) and within the next few years was one of the first factories in Europe with complete electric lightening. By the end of 19th century it was the biggest and the most modern sugar factory in the Congress Poland. The coming years, up till 1939 were the period of continuous factory development. The factory built its own railway siding, living quarters for employees, kindergarten, and began to build a school.
During the II World War the factory was managed by and worked for the needs of occupiers. The Polish authorities overtook management of the factory in January 1945 and began repairs of machines. However in January 1947 the fire broke out and the sugar factory ceased to operate. In order to maintain employment and use the remaining infrastructure, within a few months after the fire, the factory started to produce glycerin. In 1949 the factory name was changed into Mazowieckie Zak������ady Przemys������u Dro������d������owego (Mazowieckie Yeast Factory) and erection of a yeast factory was started. The factory was completed at the end of 1951. Production of glycerin was gradually reduced and in the by the end of the 50's it was finished. In the years 1951-1954 the Factory built a housing estate, a post, medical center and shops. The factory organized cultural events for its employees and their families, and all people living in the neighborhood. There was a cinema, a brass band, and a sports club with a tennis court.
Between 1964 and 1965 the Jozefow factory began to produce and mature quality vodkas very popular at that time. It was the Jozefow factory that launched the rowanberry vodka, probably the most popular quality vodka of these times. Since that time the Factory has become an active player on the spirit products market in Poland.
The first own spirit was produced in 1969 in the newly built rectification shop. In 1972 the Factory launched its own bottling shop. Thanks to this the employment reached the level of 58 employees. In 1979, thanks to installation of the modern KRONES machines with a capacity of 18 thousand bottles per hour, the Factory has become an up-to-date Yeast and Vodka Factory offering a complete range of products and services. The turning moment in the history of the Factory was 1990, when it became an independent Factory of the nationwide Polmos holding. Since that time the Factory has operated under the name Mazowiecka Wytw������rnia W������dek i Dro������d������y Polmos with a seat in Jozefow near B������onie. On 1 July 1991 the Polmos holding was divided into 25 independent entities. Independence gave the factory management a chance to build a strong market condition, and on the other hand imposed an obligation to carry on a self-sufficient economic policy.
Since 1990 Mazowiecka Wytw������rnia W������dek i Dro������d������y Polmos has been operated as an independent entity. It is a modern manufacturing plant equipped with state-of-the-art machines and technology. In 1994 as the only factory in Poland, and one of the four in Europe, the Factory began to produce vodka Smirnoff for the Pierre Smirnoff Company.
In the strive for high quality of spirit and vodkas produced by the Factory, in 1998 a rectification shop was equipped with a rectification apparatus which is one of the most modern installed not only in Europe but also in the whole world. Thanks to a reverse osmosis technology our spirit and vodka are produced from pure water. The few past years was the period of an intense investments and modernization. The Factory has changed its character and has become one of the most state-of-the-art distillery in Poland. Today Mazowiecka Wytwrnia Wdek i Droy can be found among the leaders of the Polish spirit industry.

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