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Chartreuse - Green
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70cl Bottle
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Green Chartreuse is the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour.

It is powerful and unique.

Only three monks know the identity of the 130 plants, how to blend them and how to distill them into this world famous liqueur. They are also the only ones who know which plants they have to macerate to produce the natural green and yellow colours, and they alone supervise the slow ageing in oak casks.

Packaged in a traditional Chartreuse liqueur bottle. Very elegant with the embossed seal of La Grande Chartreuse.

To bring out all its flavour, it should be consumed very cold, even on the rocks. Traditionally considered an after dinner drink, Chartreuse is more and more being enjoyed as a long drink.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Producer: Chartreuse   -
ABV:   55%
Brand:   Chartreuse
Country of Origin:   France
Liqueur Type:   Herbal


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 12 Dec 2012
Review: My grandfather was a wine merchant in the 30s and loved this historic liqueur passing the affiliation onto my father and grandson. The Christmas meal always finished with a glass or two of Chartreuse and/or Benedictine and the tradition continues. The taste is powerful, herbal, intensely sweet and a sensual feast. Chartreuse is a proper liqueur with a highly complex flavour that is highly addictive. Beware though, it's as strong as Polish vodka.

Date of Review: Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Review: Fantastic liqueur, perhaps my favourite. Amazingly complex flavour due to fact it's made with 127 different herbs and ingredients. Very powerful though, and spirity - it is about the strongest of the regular liqueurs at 55% alcohol. So an acquired taste but a real knockout drink, great if you're out on a winter's walk (in the hip flask)!

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