Polmos Lubushka - Impuls Cherry - Polish Vodka



Polmos Lubushka - Impuls Cherry
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High quality pototo vodka infused with cherries.

Category(s):     Vodka
Group(s):     Cherry Flavoured ,   Cherry Vodka ,   Flavoured Vodka ,   Potato Vodka
Producer: Polmos Lubushka
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Polmos Lubushka
Country of Origin:   Poland
Flavour:   Cherry
Grain:   Potato
Vodka Type:   Flavoured


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 30 Aug 2006
Review: A very nice Vodka indeed. Sweet smelling, very smooth and excellent when mixed. The kind Cherry flavour in this vodka is also not as synthetic as you would think. A difference to the norm and rewarding when drank. A fair price for an above average bottle of vodka also.

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