KREMLYOVSKAYA - Deluxe - Russian Vodka



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De-Luxe Kremlyovskaya Vodka 100%, fine grain neutral spirits,

Triple distilled, product of Russia.

Category(s):     Vodka
Group(s):     Plain Vodka
Producer: Kremlyovskaya
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Kremlyovskaya
Country of Origin:   Russia


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 24 Aug 2007
Review: Kremlyoskaya is a vodka of many intruiging and subtle connotations. Firstly its lucidity is a factor which one intially is drawn to, and its perfectly potent, yet delicately balanced aroma is also highly enamouring. On the tounge Kremlyovskaya is clear, and flavoursome, with a luscious ambiance of aniseed seeping through its perfectly cystaline ennui. However there are one or two aspects of this vodka which could be improved upon. Firstly on occasion Kremlyovskaya can appear slightly abrasive if swallowed too briskly, and it performs better when presented in colder temperatures, although this being said it can still quite easily be drink moderately well at room temperature. However, overall Kremlyovskaya is a very healthy and clean introduction to Russian Vodka at a very agreeable price, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone intrigued to sample a more highly crafted and authentic vodka from beyond UK shores.

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Producer Information

Kremlyovskaya Vodka, fondly referred to as "Kremly" by those who know it best, is a superb, premium authentic Russian vodka - the only kind in its class. They handmake their fine product in tiny batches, using Russia's legendary winter wheat and nature's softest glacial waters. Distilled three times and purified nine times, Kremly has a distinctively smooth, clean taste - each drop guaranteed pure perfection.
This treasured art of making superior vodka is a craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1699. Kremly has won several awards of distinction, including two consecutive Gold Medals for the best quality product from the International Institute for Quality Selections in 1995.

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