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70cl Bottle
Available 14th Feb 2016

An excellent, 100% natural, traditional alcoholic beverage of the best quality. For those who drink Becherovka it is no surprise that this popular classic of Czech alcoholic beverages is a 100% natural product without any chemical conservatives, artificial colours or emulsifiers. It contains only water from Karlovy Vary, quality alcohol, natural sugar and a very specific and harmonic blend of herbs and spices - that is all Becherovka is made from. Have a look at the information in small print on other liquor brands and compare.

It is very important to understand this self-evident truth, because it means that no two bottles of Becherovka are absolutely identical. Of course two bottles of Becherovka filled on the same day are practically the same but the drink can vary slightly from day to day, not to mention over weeks, months or years. Like its recipe, Becherovka's production process has not changed over the last 200 years. It has been modernized only in that the company uses the most modern technologies available at the time. But the fact that Becherovka is a living, natural product necessarily causes slight changes in colour, taste and aroma. Just take our herbs and spices, which come from all over the world - strong rainfall or periods of drought, different soil, time of harvest and many other factors can cause fluctuations in the strength and taste of the herbs and spices we use. Of course, we cooperate with well-known suppliers of herbs and spices who guarantee the best quality; nevertheless, while the quality remains unchanged, the taste may vary slightly. With so many kinds of herbs and spices in Becherovka, just imagine the potential for variability!

But the ingredients are not the only factor responsible for the final appearance, taste and aroma of Becherovka. The beverage's maturing process in oak barrels plays an important role in its production as well. We have many oak barrels - small, dark ones from the beginning of the 19th century, but also giant barrels only a few years old. Before final filtration and bottling, Becherovka spends several weeks in these barrels to settle a little and to become mellow and fine. During these weeks in the barrels, Becherovka slowly changes ever so slightly. It becomes darker and its taste becomes more well-rounded. This is no secret, and lovers of Becherovka who have had the opportunity to drink a glassful from an older bottle know it. The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection knows it, too, and confirms that this process is absolutely natural and normal.

Although Becherovka is a living product, it is always excellent and long-lasting. Should a consumer find a bottle of Becherovka from the end of the last century buried in his grandparents' garden, it still is Becherovka - the unmistakable features are still present in this excellent beverage. We have to admit that the discovery of an old or even very old bottle of Becherovka in one's backyard or among the old junk in the attic is a very rare event. Becherovka is usually consumed very soon after purchase, so a thorough search would be necessary to find an older bottle.

Becherovka experts cannot agree on whether the time the beverage spends in the bottle makes the taste of the herbs more prominent or whether the taste of the spices dwindles away with time. Be that as it may, both professional and (the much more frequent) laymen's speculations about Becherovka's taste and ingredients are never-ending and this will not change in the future.

Category(s):     Speciality

Producer: Becherovka   -
ABV:   38%
Brand:   Becherovka
Country of Origin:   Czech Republic


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6 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 07 Aug 2009
Review: My husband and I were visiting Prague for our wedding anniversary in 2007 when we first tried Becherovka and we fell in love with it. We brought home 4 bottles from duty free and when they were finished we went on-line to find out how to buy more we have been ordering it by the case since. It is a lovely nightcap and a great warm-up after a winter walk.

Date of Review: Sat, 18 Jul 2009
Review: My wife and I discovered Becherovka whilst in a tiny restaurent in Mala Strana in Prague. We immediately fell in love with the drink. It will always remind us of Old Prague in the winter, glistening cobbled streets and tiny alleyways straight out of a cold war spy novel. Becherovka is a warming, syrupy drink with hints of cloves and cinnamon like you've never experienced - and it packs quite a kick ! The Czechs say it have a soothing quality on the stomach and is a great digestif.....all I know it that it hits you like a an old Czech tram, leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling and always a slightly silly smile.

Date of Review: Thu, 11 Sep 2008
Review: As an established G and T girl, I was sceptical about whether this would suit me, but thought that as we'd gone all the way to Karlovy Vary on the train I'd better get into the Czech spirit. ice cold and neat it made my nose hurt and me shake my head with every mouthful, but it gave a real herb hit. I found it better, more refreshing and certainly easier to drink, as to what the Czechs call "beton", where it is mixed with ice and tonic. It is now my drink of choice.

Date of Review: Wed, 26 Dec 2007
Review: I don't feel the love for Becherovka. Unfortunately the taste is overpowering and unpleasant, leaving those that drink it in something of a cloved-up haze. It's certainly an interesting drink and I am genuinely annoyed that I cannot appreciate it, but it simply isn't nice enough for me.

Date of Review: Wed, 17 Jan 2007
Review: This was very hard to obtain until recently - but well worth the journey to the Czech Republic. It is deliciously spicy and warming, and goes very well with tonic as an alternative to gin. Also excellent in the cocktail Bohemian Iced Tea.

Date of Review: Fri, 06 Oct 2006
Review: Becherovka, 'the' liqueur from the Czech Republic! The Czechs proclaim this wonderful lotion as the panacea of digestive disorders, and simply wonderful as an aperatif. Often, it is sipped as a night-cap.
I will go further... sipped with a loved one, late at night, it has certain (almost magical) effects... memories of Prague and of evening strolls, hand in hand, across Charles Bridge... almost an aphrodisiac effect (nay, a definite aphrodisiac effect)!
Simply sip, and enjoy the effect!

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Producer Information

In 1805, Count Pletenberg-Mietingen came to Karlovy Vary to be treated at its medicinal springs. As was common at that time, the Count's personal physician, Dr. Frobrig accompanied him. As chance or fate would have it, both gentlemen found their accommodation in the Becher family house called 'The Three Skylarks' in Trzni street. In the same house, pharmacist Josef Becher had his pharmacy of high repute.
Dr. Frobrig soon made friends with Josef Becher and they spent most of their time in Becher's pharmacy. They shared a great passion for mixing herbs, aromatic oils and alcohol. By the time Dr. Frobrig left Karlovy Vary, both gentlemen had already conducted many experiments. After his companion's departure, Josef Becher found in one recipe a typically English note by doctor Frobrig: 'I am quite satisfied with this.' From that time on, Josef Becher dedicated every free moment to the development of Dr. Frobrig's recipe.
Success came in 1807, when the recipe for the original digestive liquor was born. Josef Becher began producing the liquor in his pharmacy and sold it as digestive drops under the name of Carlsbader English Bitter. The 'digestive drops' were first sold in small glass medicine bottles; Josef Becher began filling them in larger, 0.5-liter bottles in 1810. Josef Becher operated his business, whose profitability kept increasing, until 1841. Just before his death he entrusted the mysterious recipe for the beverage's production only to his son and heir, Johann.
Johann Becher soon proved to be not only the proper guardian for the recipe but also an excellent businessman. He built a new factory, equipped it with modern machines and, in 1876, commissioned his brother-in-law Karel Laub from Karlovy Vary to design flat bottles with their own labels. These typical bottles are used to this day.
At that time, Becherovka was sold under the name of English Bitter or also Becher Bitter. At the end of the 19th century, Johann's son Gustav Becher unified the name and, with great foresight, registered the trademark Johann Becher. Already at that time Becherovka faced a real threat from cheap and imperfect imitations.
Rudolf Becher, the next successor to the throne of the family empire, deserves the highest credit for the Becherovka repute reaching beyond the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1907, Becherovka celebrated its 100th anniversary. On this occasion the company introduced new bottles - still with the typical shape, but green. This guaranteed that the beverage would permanently keep its golden colour in the bottles. During this period the drink's name settled on Becher Bitter, for the first time appearing on the familiar yellow-blue label.
Thanks to its supplying the army with special military rations, Becherovka's popularity and production increased in World War I. The disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1918 gave birth to an independent Czechoslovakia - and with it the birth of 'Becherovka.' Between the wars, the market again blossomed and Becherovka survived World War II. In 1945 the family company was nationalized and remained in the state's hands until 1997. Today, the Jan Becher company and its flagship Becherovka are part of Pernod Ricard, the world's third-largest producer of distilled liquors and wine.

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