Distilleries Provence - Pastis Henri Bardouin 70cl Bottle


Distilleries Provence - Pastis Henri Bardouin
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70cl Bottle
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Some herbs, such as thyme, rosemary, savory and sage are actually harvested in Forcalquier. The exact place and date of the harvest varies each year. However, some always come from the same area, such as verbena citronella from Forcalquier. Other items, including the spices, of course, arrive from more distant lands; China may supply the star anise, or the licorice may come from Syria.

They extract the aromatic principles from the harvested and dried herbs. We let them macerate in alcohol. The temperature, time and alcohol content yield the desired taste. The infusion is ended and extraction takes place. In our press, we separate the infused liquid from the herb part to obtain the last juice to be added to the infusion.

After the herbs are pressed, they still contain many aromas and essences. By distilling them in our old still, we extract them. Some infusions are also distilled to give them greater finesse.

Mixing the infusions and distillates produces the flavoured spirit. This flavoured spirit, a product of each of the herbs and spices, is what they need to assemble the product. And this is the most delicate part of the process. The volume of the infusions varies according to temperature, so the infusions are weighed as opposed to measured. Their aromatic characteristics can vary also according to harvest. The dosage of anethole and sugar are also crucial. To keep the product's qualities constant, it is essential for a taster to analyze and taste the product at every stage of production.

Final assembly, which must be perfectly executed, creates this symphony of aromas and flavours.

Next there are the final inspections followed by the final tasting. A taster directs this final phase. The last procedure is bottling.

Category(s):     Speciality
Group(s):     Anis ,   Aperitif
Producer: Distilleries Provence   -   www.distilleries-provence.com
ABV:   45%
Brand:   Distilleries Provence
Country of Origin:   France


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Producer Information

In "Pays de Forcalquier", located in Haute Provence, a region in the South of France, Distilleries et Domaines de Provence have been making aperitifs and liqueurs from Provence for over one hundred years. Les Distilleries et Domaines de Provence, founded in 1898, have inherited a tradition that is several thousand years old : harvesting medicinal herbs from Montagne de Lure, famous for its rich and abundant plant spices.
Beginning in the Middle Ages, the people who harvested the medicinal herbs became peddlers, and sometimes the herbs were already in the form of distilled products.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, these peddlers set up shop in many towns in the region as general merchants or apothecaries. In the 19th century, some of them became pharmacists, while others became distillers, and some
ventured into both fields. The specialty products they made from the plants of Lure are in many cases drinks or beverages that have depurative, tonic, digestive, or refreshing qualities, or they may stimulate the appetite.
Wine and alcohol, maceration and distillation are methods used to extract the aromas and active ingredients from the plants and to preserve them.
Distillers did not begin to make a specialty out of the production of liqueurs and aperitifs until the end of the century.
Today, this know-how has been perpetuated for over one hundred years within one and the same company, Les Distilleries et Domaines de Provence, and is being spread worldwide, to the delight of aficionados of spirits.

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