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70cl Bottle
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Malibu is now produced using a combination of traditional skills and modern technology.

The process begins by mixing fine molasses (from the islands own world-renowned sugar cane crops) and coconut together with pure spring water and carefully selected yeast, which turns the sugar into alcohol.

Category(s):     Liqueur
Group(s):     Coconut Flavoured ,   Coconut Rum
Producer: Malibu   -
ABV:   21%
Brand:   Malibu
Country of Origin:   Barbados
Liqueur Type:   Nut


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Date of Review: Fri, 18 Sep 2009
Review: Malibu seems to suffer from a slightly downmarket image (associated with teenage girls out on the lash) and yet it is a great liqueur. It is strongly coconutty and combines well with pineapple juice giving you the flavour of a Pina Colada without the fuss or the price tag. If you like Coconut, give this lil' beauty a go!

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Producer Information

MALIBU Coconut rum has its beginnings on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Located in the extreme southeast corner of the West Indies, the distillery overlooks the beach and white sands of Black Rock. The setting is wonderfully tropical and as easy going as Malibu rum itself.
Barbados is traditionally regarded as the birthplace of rum where for more than 350 years rum has been produced. Barbados has been the sole supplier of Caribbean Rum for the MALIBU formula since it became an international brand in the early 1980s.
Barbados rums are lighter and more delicate with subtle sugar cane and soft butter rum notes. This proved to be the perfect background to blend with exotic flavours. To achieve this delicate and light rum base, we distil fresh Caribbean molasses three times, which delivers day in and day out the light refined rum that we require.
Distilled and blended to be the smooth, natural and light -bodied coconut rum, Malibu adds the unique and subtle taste of the true Caribbean to your favorite drink. MALIBU?s genuine tradition and history make it one of the finest spirits available today.

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