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Charles Ross - A classic, mellow apple juice

This apple was cultivated by a man who gave his name to the variety some time before the 1900s.

Being a cross between Peasgood Nonsuch and Cox's Orange Pippin, the name seems rather pedestrian by comparison, but this hides a handsome apple with a light, aromatic flavour that produces lovely juice.

Neither sweet nor sharp, this juice would appeal to many different palettes.

Category(s):     Fruit Juice
Group(s):     Apple Flavoured
Producer: Duskin
Brand:   Duskin


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Producer Information

Duskin Farm is a small family farm in a fold of the North Downs near Canterbury, Kent. Andrew and Jenny Helbling started making apple juice over twenty five years ago, and despite growing production significantly over the years, have struggled to keep pace with demand ever since.
What is their secret? Why do the juices, which are sold by each variety, taste so good? It is well known that the temperate East Kent climate favours the slow ripening of apples of all varieties. And crucially, the Duskin production process aims to preserve their carefully nurtured flavour. The labour intensive, low temperature pasteurisation process aims to retain the delicate compounds that contain a wealth of aromas and flavours.
The juices provide an intriguing alternative to alcohol. Indeed the joys of the different varieties often inspire wine-like descriptions such as, a delightful rose with an amusing presence. With no added sugars or preservatives except a dash of Vitamin C, Duskin Apple Juice is as natural as can be.

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