La Fee - XS Absinthe Francaise - Connoisseur Absinthe 70cl Bottle


La Fee - XS Absinthe Francaise
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70cl Bottle
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Before adding water this extra superieure French absinthe has a pale bright lime tinged appearance, a forward and intense aroma of wood and new pine with a citrus background.

It is best enjoyed by adding 4 to 6 parts iced water dripped over sugar creating a pale lime green louche, after which its flavours evolve into a textured superb structure with a powerful complex flavour. This La Fee XS Francaise is a classic extra superieure French absinthe.

La Fee XS Francaise is an extra superieure absinthe distilled in the historical town of Pontarlier, the French homeland of absinthe.

Production in the region began in the early nineteenth century and it is here that our XS Francaise distiller's great grandfather produced absinthe prior to its ban in 1915. For XS Francaise those same stills, purchased second hand in 1870 are used along with traditional distillation methods, a fine selection of herbs and a wine alcohol base resulting in a truly authentic absinthe.

Due to its complexity the distillation of La Fee XS Francaise is personally performed by our distiller. The best quality locally grown herbs are used, with the fresh wormwood of Pontarlier hung and dried upside down in the dark eaves of the distillery to preserve its goodness. Each plant is stripped by hand leaving the stalk behind. The finest ingredients, including grand anise, wormwood and wine alcohol are soaked producing an intense exotic aroma. This is then distilled twice over the course of a few days, while other fine secret herbs are distilled in separate pot stills. The two resulting liquids are finally distilled together and then stored in oak barrels to mature. A secret recipe of herbs, as used by our distiller's great grandfather, is then added to create colour.

Originally top quality absinthe was made using a wine alcohol base, after years of research La Fee teamed up with two of the most highly regarded distillers in France and Switzerland to produce two new and exciting absinthes; La Fee Extra Superieure. This X.S collection consists of two premier wine based absinthes that are hand crafted using original recipes and methods.

Category(s):     Absinthe
Group(s):     Swiss Style Absinthe
Producer: La Fee   -
ABV:   68%
Brand:   La Fee
Country of Origin:   France


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Thu, 14 Jun 2012
Review: The first absinthe I tried. At first I was amazed, but as I delved deeper into the absinthe world I realised how inferior this is. It is fairly well crafted and with nice effects, but by half way through the second glass your tongue will be numbed by the overpowering anise. Even without sugar this is somewhat sickly and a bit too oily for my liking, seems to be aimed at the youths who want a sweeter drink. This drink may be an okay choice if it were still cheaper (£55 when I bought mine), but at nearly £90 you can get far more impressive Absinthes. For a lower price you can get wonderful contemporary Absinthe like the Doubs Mystique. My personal favourites so far out for trying 7-8 mid-high priced Absinthes is the Absinthe Perroquet (very complex and traditional, with beautiful effects and no \"brain burn\") and the Absinthe 1801 Sauvauge from the same company. Perroquet will cost you only two thirds the price of this bottle and is infinitely finer.

IMPORTANT: one small bit of advise to all Absinthe drinkers is that the water you use to louche can make a huge difference to the resulting drink. Only use good spring water, preferably from a glass bottle. Our country pump tap water with both fluoride and chlorine, amongst other things, essentially imparting a mild taste of bleach upon this divine spirit.

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