Arette - Unique - Premium Extra Anejo 35cl Bottle


Arette - Unique
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35cl Bottle
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Aged for more than 6 years in barrels of white oak ensuring a unique bouquet.

Made with 100% Blue Agave from the region and benefited by the pristine waters of the Tequila mountain, Tequila Arette rises as one of the best premium Tequilas in Mexico.

Tequila Arette is carefully elaborated in the El Llano distillery, owned by the Orendain Family since the early 1900's, through a process that has been mastered through several generations. Estate bottled in Tequila, Jalisco, Tequila Arette is produced to meet all different tastes and preferences.

From the strong and pure Silver to the smoother and tasteful Reposado, and to the fine and aromatic Anejo and beyond to the connoiseurs choices of Unique and the mighty Gran Clase.

Category(s):     Tequila & Mescal
Group(s):     ,   100% Agave ,   Extra Anejo
Producer: Arette   -
ABV:   38%
Brand:   Arette
Country of Origin:   Mexico
Grade:   100% Agave
Region:   Jalisco
Style:   Extra Anejo
Type:   Tequila


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Producer Information

Arete the horse and Arette the Tequila is a story and a tradition.
Arete debuted in the B category on February 12th, 1942 at the Stadium Municipal of Guadalajara's City. He obtained the 5th. place, surpassing the best members from the Equine French team, the High School Military of the National Defense Secretary, among others. On December 27th, 1942, Arete, achieved for the first occasion honors at the A categoty that took place at Jalisco's Racetrack.
After that, triumphs became national wide, and his vertiginous climbing, in the pre-Olympics competitions, culminated with their participation in the Olympic Games of London in 1948 where the horse Arete and his horserider, Lieutenant Colonel Humberto Mariles, came out victorious, with an olive tree and gold. Thus passed to the posterity and his story has been related through horse lovers for generations and admirers of a horserider's skillful action that knew how to grade the nobility and lineage of an equine, was one of the grand horses that have ever been born in our country,as it is regarded.
The Lieutenant Colonel Humberto Mariles, impetuous, went abroad, along with his companions, in his trip to compete in Europe at the Olympic games, London, where he would conquer another reward in the tournament Condor in Toronto. After reaching the old continent, they surprised the world of riding with unexpected victories in the prestigious contests pre-Olympics like the: The contest Ippico Internazzionale, the Prieto Didi the Villa Borghese, The Capitolio, the one belonging to Montecattini and the Vincitori, all in Italy, they were received at a later time by Vicar of Christ, Poppa Po XII. In their pass by Switzerland they continued wining laurels, as they were happening the days the conquest obtained by the Mexican team was fulfilling of joy President Miguel Alemán who congratulated, largely and with honors, to the Lieutenant Colonel Mariles when he found out that the team had conquered the golden medals and silver, in single discipline, and golden prize in team's discipline at The Nations' Prix,in addition to the bronze medal in the three Days course. No other Mexican sportsman has equaled Mariles's exploit. Nobody has earned two consecutive Olympic gold medals.
Proudly, today, our tequilas, 100 % Agave Azul, are known under the name of ARETTE, made and created at the factory El Llano one of the oldest distilleries at the city. De Tequila, managed by young and enthusiastic people tequileros with great love for their industry and their roots, Eduardo and Jaime Orendain Giovannini, native of the City of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, successors of a reputable tequilero dynasty of a deep-rooted to the traditions and deep love for the tequila. Of his grandfather Don Eduardo Orendain Gonzalez and his father Don Jaime Orendain Hernandez they learned the art of creating the good Tequila of worldwide quality.
Orendain Giovanni brothers speak with passion for Tequila in his memoirs, they spent their best years between their education and the great passion for the industry running through their veins, the one belonging to the Tequila. At a very young age they made a ride into the challenge of growing and developing new markets, designing his first trademark Tequila Arette in 1989, with a winner's philosophy.
Jaime, the younger brother,relates that he was taking a course in the fourth semester of Business Administration at the ITESO when, an afternoon, a good friend of him, now his compadre, Javier Villaseor draw a horse's head in a board, he liked it so much that took it to get it to another friend, that was going into the designing career, to design the first image of the tequila ARETTE, subsequently, other trademarks came; El Gran Viejo, Agave de Oro, Express, Gran Clase y Unique, among others. Their formula consists in distilling traditionally, with technology as a great ally. One of their main successes has been never to draw its process off the distillery. At it they receive the agaves that are transformed in tequila and thus passing the warehouses where rest and maturing take place in barrels of white oak tree, previously utilized for American Bourbon and, at a later time, being bottled. It has water of excellent quality, been born in the insides of the tequila hill that thousands of years ago it was Tequila's volcano.
Eduardo, the oldest brother, a dynamic and charismatic entrepreneur, whose interest made him to held several high-level positions, just to mention some;Mayor of Tequila's City, President of Cmara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera A.C. Vice-coordinador of the Consejo de Cmaras Industriales de Jalisco, A.C. Coordinator of same Institution and Vice-president of the Confederacion de Cmaras Industriales de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, the Concamin.
Touring "El Llano" is a very pleasant experience, it joins together story, charm and brings us near to the Culture of the Tequila.

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