Remy Martin - XO Excellence - Cognac 70cl Bottle


Remy Martin - XO Excellence
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70cl Bottle
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Fine Champagne Cognac 85% Grande Champagne, 15% Petite Champagne

More richness of flavours. More smoothness. Unique velvet texture. Memorable taste that lingers longer on the palate.

Top Notes : Delicate jasmine and iris.

Aromatic Heart: Ripe fig, candied orange and juicy prune.

Base Notes: Freshly grated cinnamon and oven-baked brioche.

The true pleasure of a superior aromatic richness. The taste of excellence lasts for up to 15 minutes on the palate.

Try it neat, on the rocks or with fine foods

Remy Martin XO Excellence, the Best of XO, stands out for its texture, complexity and richness, with more smoothness and perfect balance.

This superb cognac is for those who demand and enjoy the best in life.

To vary the pleasure and savour its unique aromas and richness, try it neat, on the rocks or with fine foods; foie gras, chocolate desserts, sweet steamed dumplings.

Category(s):     Cognac & Brandy ,   Spirit Gifts
Group(s):     Cognac ,   XO
Producer: Remy Martin   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Remy Martin
Brandy Type:   Cognac
Country of Origin:   France
Region:   Cognac


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Sun, 13 Feb 2011
Review: Slipped into a nearby pub for a glass of this while I was on my break as a tester, because I\'m thinking of buying a bottle but have very little money to spare as a student, and it was absolutely beautiful. Smooth and sweet and absolutely delicious. I\'ll be treating myself to a bottle soon enough.

Date of Review: Mon, 28 Sep 2009
Review: This is my second favourite XO (out of 5 I have tried) just beating Hine XO into second but not quite good enough to beat Henessy XO. It has everything you would expect from an XO great aroma, smooth texture and a lingering aftertaste. I have half a bottle sat in my cupboard - slightly less than the start of the weekend as me and my friend couldn't resist a night cap after a couple of ales. And when you have Remy XO at home; paying money for pub brandy would be like getting off with the overweight barmaid (who has more facial hair than you) when Angelina Jolie is back at home slipping into something more comfortable - and I don't think anyone would get THAT drunk!!

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Producer Information

Remy Martin makes great cognacs and a great story. Beginning almost three centuries ago, the story recounts the extraordinary determination of generations of family, friends and a dedicated workforce to battle the odds and create reality from a vision that now sees its eaux-de-vie rank among the finest in the world.
Over the years, the people of Remy Martin meet - and cope with - wars, economic depressions and prohibition; they stare down a tiny - but deadly bug and manage to scrape through some bitter winters; they recognise - and grasp any good luck; they pioneer innovative and fair industrial relations, and though conservative by nature they never ignore the value of intuition.
Remy Martin is about ideals and tradition; about passion and patience; about giving decades the time to work their magic. There is respect for the terroir which binds the soil, the vines and the climate into an inseparable combination. There is dedication to the future and appreciation of the past.
And there's even a mythical creature at the Centaur of it all!
Each chapter of the Remy Martin story is linked by a definable spirit that pairs the notion of reward with the creation of an unforgettable experience.
As Mme Dominique Heriard Dubreuil, the chairman of Remy Martin, says: "Taste is at the heart of everything we do."

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