Rhum J.M - Vintage 2001 - Generous Bouquet



Rhum J.M - Vintage 2001
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The elegant copper tone precedes a gorgeous rhum on the palate.

With a generous bouquet of toasted nut, lemon and sage comlimenting the chewy spice cake, mango and passion fruit flavours on the palate.

Accentuated with white pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg nuances.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Agricole Rum
Producer: Rhum J.M   -   www.rhum-jm.com
ABV:   46.6%
Brand:   Rhum J.M
Country of Origin:   Martinique
Rum Style:   Gold
Rum Style:   Agricole


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Producer Information

Today, the Cras Heirs under Médeuil exploit the three principal agricultural cultures of Martinique: banana (75 ha), Pineapple (6 ha) and the Cane with sugar (55 ha). It is the only farm to proceed thus by making rotation of culture. The presence of these 3 cultures as well as distilling JM on the same exploitation is a single characteristic in Martinique and even in the Caribbean.
Since November 1996, Rhums Agricoles of Martinique obtained the Controlled Label of origin Martinique.
The cultivable surface of the Bellevue dwelling is of 150 ha, totality in soil AO.C.
From China, the cane crossed Asia (XIllé century) before being cultivated in North Africa, then in Spain and in the Portuguese islands.
In 1493, Christophe Colomb introduces it into the Caribbean one. It arrives to Martinique in 1635.
Plant of the family of graminaceous (poacée) of the Saccharurn kind, tropical culture par excellence, it is cultivated for its stems from which one draws saccharose with crystallizable sugar. In addition to saccharose, the fermentable sugars (glucose, fructose) contained in the juice allow the manufacture of Rum.
At JM, the cut of the cane with sugar begins about on March 15 to finish at the end of June (the months richest in saccharose are April and May).
All the canes are collected with the machine. The whole control of the culture of our canes and those, collected without mechanical burning of way, enable us to very quickly crush them in our 3 mills less than one hour after the cut.

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