BRUICHLADDICH - 12 Year Old Second Edition - Islay Malt Whisky



BRUICHLADDICH - 12 Year Old Second Edition
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The 12 year old 2nd edition replaces the original 10 as the Bruichladdich Aperitif dram.

Traditional lightly peated Bruichladdich, matured in Bourbon casks to replace The 10 which has now sold out. Casks selected by world renowned Master Distiller, Jim McEwan.

Limited period release.
Bottled on Islay at 46% strength using Islay's legendary spring water, without colouring or chill-filtering. Bruichladdich's tall stills and sloor slow distillation produce the most sophisticated Islay whisky.

Taste Descriptors: Passion fruit, pear, gooseberry, apple, apricot, butterscotch, sweet malted barley, vanilla and thyme. Layers of green fruits, citrus fruits and vanilla cream - the perfect aperitif.

Such is the integrity of the bottling with it's well chosen casks that it can support a fair dilution with cool still spring water to reduce the alcoholic strength to the desired level - without losing any of the flavour.

Created from 100% American oak Bourbon casks, this bottling replicates the layers of fresh fruit and creamy vanilla flavours associated with the 10, making it the ideal whisky to enjoy particularly before lunch or dinner - or just as an early evening dram.

Category(s):     Single Malt Whisky
Group(s):     ,   12 Year Old Scottish Malt Whisky
Producer: Bruichladdich   -
ABV:   46%
Age:   12 Year Old
Brand:   Bruichladdich
Country of Origin:   Scotland
Distillery:   Bruichladdich
Region:   Islay


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Date of Review: Sun, 18 Jan 2009
Review: I was given this bottle for Christmas, and although no expert, I have to say that this is the best Scotch I have ever tasted. I have always rated The Macallan and Dalwinnie, but this is even more special, especially as I hate over peated malts like Laphroig (tastes like TCP!) It is so smooth and full of flavour, and can be watered without losing its character. Well done for stocking it (the only online stock I could find) as I will be buying as soon as I get close to finishing this gift bottle..............(about 3 days!)

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Producer Information

Bruichladdich was built in 1881 by Barnet Harvey at an ideal location on the edge of Loch Indaal, on the Rhinns, the most westerly point of Islay. At the time it was a state-of-the-art plant, and it has remained very much the same ever since with most of the original equipment still in use. Using cavity walls and a new fangled material - concrete, made from pebbles from the sea shore, this was a purpose built plant (most other ones had been adapted from farm buildings) and so is efficiently laid out, built around a central courtyard that housed the Kiln (removed in 1961) and a large steam engine that provided the power.

After several corporate amalgamations over the last thirty years, it was found to be "surplus to requirements", and was closed down in 1994; it has been silent ever since. That is, until 2001 when the plant was entirely renovated. All the Victorian equipment, much of it still original nineteenth century engineering was been retained. The machinery, boilers, pipe work and electrics were completely dismantled and reassembled by a team of highly dedicated and talented engineers.

There is not one computer used in the production of Bruichladdich whisky: this is a genuine working museum; but as the French proverb says: 'it is in old pans that one makes the best cooking?'.

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