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Distilled in 1982, Sagatiba Preciosa was matured in 19th century European oak barrels until its discovery in 2004 when it was filtered and purified according to the highest quality standards to ensure its original characteristics, such as aroma and flavour, would be preserved.

Chicago's Beverage Testing Institute, the world's foremost alcoholic beverage analysis institute, described Preciosa as 'an elegant and poised aged cane spirit with a great balance subtlety, power, and finesse,' and awarded it 96 out of 100 points; making it the only cachaca in the world in the Superlative Category of 96 points and over.

The announcement of the limited release comes one year after five individually numbered bottles of Sagatiba Preciosa were sold for just under £2,500 in an auction of finest and rarest wines and spirits at Christie's world famous auction rooms.

Lucas Rodas, Sagatiba International Director commented: Sagatiba Preciosa is unlike any cachaca ever made before, and there will probably never be a cachaca like it again. 'Unique circumstances brought together raw cachaca of unprecedented maturity with our advanced distillation methods to create arguably the greatest cachaca ever produced. Today, we are proud to bring Preciosa to the UK and we welcome those lucky enough to experience its luxury and savour the very essence of Brasil.'

Literally translated to 'The Infinite Saga', Sagatiba means the never-ending search for purity, quality and flavour through the manufacture of the highest quality sugar cane spirits.

Sagatiba international Headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, Brasil

'Our brand is unlike any other. It's the result of a shared vision, an idea that an exceptionally pure Cachaca could be enjoyed throughout the world and in that way offer everybody a taste of the pure spirit of Brasil' - Marcos de Moraes, President, Sagatiba.

Category(s):     Cachaca ,   Spirit Gifts
Group(s):     Premium Cachaca
Producer: Sagatiba   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Sagatiba
Cachaca Style:   Gold
Cachaca Type:   Artisanal
Cachaca Type:   Premium
Country of Origin:   Brazil


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3 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Tue, 22 Jan 2008
Review: Fair enough Sagatiba is a not a great cachaca brand, but for every rule, there is an exception, this time it is Preciosa. Sagatiba bought one of the oldest cachaca distilleries in Sao Paulo which include many acres of land and hangars. Unfortunately for us Europeans, Sagatiba Silver and Sagatiba Vehla did very well. Once they started to get rich with those 2 product they decide to expand their distilleries and used some of those older hangars they had on their land. Lucky enough for them they found 3000 barrels of cachaca made in old traditional way from 1982 or maybe even older. So they refined those barrels and called it Sagatiba Preciosa. I can say this must be the greatest cachaca in the world and I don t think any other brand will be able to create such a great product any more.

Date of Review: Fri, 07 Dec 2007
Review: Bob - Don't knock it until you've tried it!
I was lucky enough to sample some Sagatiba Preciosa at the Boutique Bar show and it really is something special! It's a truly awesome product - Loads of cachaca character but with an edge of cognac and a lovely, dry, oaky finish. The way that it was explained to me is that the Preciosa was a cachaca distilled by the grandfather of one of Sagatiba's founders who then laid it down in cognac barrels that he'd had shipped over from France.
I wouldn't call Sagatiba 'bland' - Admittedly, is doesn't have the rawness of many cachacas, but I see that as a good thing - It makes for a much more versatile and mixable spirit. After all, 25 years ago, most vodkas were rough and raw and ten years ago you could say the same of tequila - Both of these spirits have evolved and improved and I guess that's what is happening with cachaca. I mean, you wouldn't swap your Wyborowa Exquisite for a bottle of Smirnoff red, nor your Partida Anejo for Cuervo gold would you?
I just wish I had a couple of hundred quid to get myself a bottle for Christmas!

Date of Review: Mon, 19 Nov 2007
Review: Is this just an excercise to pretend that Sagatiba has some heritage? According to Brazilian friends it was only first produced a couple of years ago as a bland product aimed at unknowing westerners (or is that easterners? from their viewpoint anyway). Can't say I've tried it mind so this isn't really a review.

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Producer Information

Sagatiba a producer that reinvented the Cachaca distillation process is the best example to stand for quality control standards that ensure top quality Cachaca in terms of flavour and purity. The product is distilled in a revolutionary multi-distillation process.
Sagatiba is the evolution of Cachaca. Its name means 'The infinite Saga', the never ended search for purity, quality, flavour and stories.
The Brazilian official liquor may be enjoyed pure or in a number of cocktails. The most popular Cachaca cocktail is Caipirinha, also born in Brazil, a mix of lime, sugar and Cachaca that has been growing a legion of aficionados all over the world.

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