Flor de Cana - 18 Year Old Centenario Gold - Full Bodied 70cl Bottle


Flor de Cana - 18 Year Old Centenario Gold
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70cl Bottle
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Heir to years of experience and dedication in the art of making rum.

It is a full-bodied 18 year old rum that offers an amber colour and a rich complexity of flavours with a smooth finish.

After one sip you will know why Centenario Gold is so special.

Preferably served hand warmed in a brandy glass, neat or on the rocks.

Truly the perfect rum.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Dark Gold Rum
Producer: Flor de Cana   -   www.flordecana.com
ABV:   40%
Age:   18 Year Old
Brand:   Flor de Cana
Country of Origin:   Nicaragua
Rum Style:   Gold


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 07 Aug 2009
Review: I recently gave a bottle of this sublime spirit to my brother for his birthday. Luckily he is a generous man and we shared half the bottle whilst away on holiday. This definitely deserves to be alongside the finest malts and cognacs in the drinks cabinet. The merest sip fills the mouth with a wonderfully round, complex smoothness which follows the warming sensation all the way down until all you are left with is the evocative finish of dark sweet treacle toffee and a very slight hint of Caribbean spice notes. Worth every penny!

Date of Review: Wed, 13 Aug 2008
Review: This is a beautiful rum. I am actually quite new to the world of rum drinking but have always loved Flor de Cana and this one is especially good. Rich, flavoursome, it has a great aroma and a long finish. Worth every penny of it's high price tag.

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Producer Information

The pride of Nicaragua! First produced at the San Antonio sugar mill in Chichigalpa in 1890. Back then, young rums were consumed to celebrate the sugar cane harvest. Limited quantities of better tasting aged rums were reserved to be savoured by the proprietors of the mill. As the preference for aged rum spread to the population at large, Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua was founded in 1937 and the commercial production of these fine quality aged rums began.
Since the beginning, Flor de Caña has stood for an unwavering commitment to creating the highest quality rums; a commitment that comprises expert craftsman, the finest ingredients and a unique slow-ageing method.
Recognized by critics and consumers alike for an incredibly smooth and distinctively rich , aged flavour, award winning Flor de Caña rums have earned 72 distinctions for quality in international competition in just 5 years.
In small, American oak barrels, Flor de Caña acquires its amber colour, its smooth taste and distinctive aroma. The original barrel houses, built without air conditioning, electrical ventilation or humidifiers, provide Flor de Caña a natural, undisturbed environment in which to age ensuring that no excessive flavours or aromas are added.
Furthermore, the rum is 100% tha age stated on the label; in fact many industry experts refer to Flor de Caña as the "single malt" in the rum category. The result? Flor de Caña is the finest family of premium rums available today.

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