Bramley And Gage - Sloe - Dry in Style 35cl Bottle


Bramley And Gage - Sloe
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35cl Bottle
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Our Sloe Gin is made the traditional way by soaking whole hedgerow sloes in gin and sugar.

They make it using 4oz sugar to a 70cl bottle of gin. This gives a drier style Sloe Gin in which one can really taste the fruit, without the sweetness being over-powering. The very thing for the hip flask on a cold winter's day.

Try making a "Sloe Gin Fizz" (proportions: 1 measure Sloe Gin, 1 teaspoonful lemon juice, soda water to taste. Serve in a champagne saucer).

Free from preservatives and colourings.

Radio 4 Food Programme; Derek Cooper "we think it's rather good", Marguerite Patten "Clean, fresh, lovely", Andrew Jefford "Delicious"

Tamasin Day-Lewis, "The best fruit liqueurs I've ever tasted"

Category(s):     Gin & Genever
Group(s):     Sloe Gin
Producer: Bramley & Gage   -
ABV:   26%
Body:   Full Bodied
Brand:   Bramley & Gage
Country of Origin:   England
Fruit:   Sloe
Gluten Free:   Yes
Sweetness:   Medium
Type:   Gin
Type:   Gin
Vegan:   Yes
Vegetarian:   Yes


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Sun, 09 Nov 2014
Review: A bit boring, to be honest. I'm not a tremendous sloe gin fan (I bought the product just to try it), and this one merely confirmed my view: almost sickly sweet, with a thick unappealing consistency. Their damson gin product is far, far superior.

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Producer Information

Bramley & Gage are based in that part of Devon known as the South Hams, right on the edge of Dartmoor. They make all their own liqueurs, using only real, fresh fruit as the starting point.
There are no artificial colourings or additives used.
They have won the Supreme Champion Award in this years South West Food and Drink Competition with the Sloe Gin. There were over 900 entries in this year`s event, so they are very proud to have come out as the top product.

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