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Big apple has a crisp flavor of fresh, mouth-watering apples.

A barrelful of the best, juiciest apples-including Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith varieties is combined with premium Bacardi Rum to create a bold taste with big bite.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Apple Flavoured ,   Flavoured Rum
Producer: Bacardi   -
ABV:   32%
Brand:   Bacardi
Country of Origin:   Cuba


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3 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Wed, 29 Sep 2010
Review: This is the best drink ever!!!! I (along with the rest of my Utah county drinking friends) am infuriated that it was taken out of our local liquor stores. Yes I\'m willing to buy on-line but why should I need to? This is by far the best rum that was on shelves. It should be put back on them so we can enjoy it when we want, instead of having to wait for it in the mail.

Date of Review: Mon, 17 Mar 2008
Review: I drunk the Apple Bacardi when I was in the Bahamas, it was mainly used in cocktails, it is really good, it takes the harshness out of the spirit. + to the guy the commented before me... don't be so negative, you could say that about a lot of drinks, better to have a variety than no option at all!

Date of Review: Mon, 19 Nov 2007
Review: I don't think we need this do we? Does this product help the world of drinks? I think not.

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Producer Information

Since 1965 they have been making Bacardi rum at the Bacardi & Company Limited distillery on New Providence and proud to say that BACARDI rum is the only rum produced locally in the Bahamas and that it was the first major product to be exported from the Bahamas.

At the New Providence facility, they perform all phases of rum production, from fermentation and distillation to aging, blending and bottling. BACARDI & Company Limited currently exports the equivalent of seven million standard cases of rum to Europe per year. They continually invest in and improve their 61-acre New Providence facility, adding new buildings, equipment and cutting-edge technology. These improvements allow them to increase production of their high quality Bacardi products, which in turn boosts the economy of the Bahamas.

In front of the original Bacardi factory in Santiago de Cuba sits a small patch of earth where four decades ago, a 98-year-old old coconut palm once stood. The palm was not merely a decorative element - in fact, plans for the factory's expansion were altered just to accommodate the palm's seniority.

"El Coco," as the palm continues to be referred to by the Bacardi family, has its own history. It was the subject of a correspondence between the BACARDI brothers, Facundo and Emilio. In a letter dated February 28th 1915, Facundo writes from New York to his brother Emilio in Santiago, who has previously informed him that despite the expansion of the factory, "El Coco" would be saved.

In 1959, the Cuban totalitarian regime began to deny liberties and after 98 years of vigilance, the beloved Coconut palm began to wither and die. Sure enough, six months after its death, on October 14, 1960, the totalitarian regime illegally seized the Company and all its assets, including the small patch of green earth. No coconut palm was planted in 'el Coco's' place as the Family fled their island nation with just the clothes on their backs. In Santiago a popular legend stated, "The BacardiCompany in Cuba will survive just as long as 'el Coco' lives."

Outside of Cuba, Family members, Executives and Employees continue the BACARDI tradition of planting Coconut palms wherever there is a vacant patch of earth. While the original site in Santiago remains under totalitarian control, as does the entire island, three things are for sure: one day, hopefully not too far away, a new coconut palm will be planted in Santiago de Cuba. This palm will be planted in the same patch of green earth where Facundo Bacardi planted the coconut palm in 1862. The palm will be planted by BACARDI family members and will stand as a testament to the faithful palm, lovingly known as "el Coco".

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