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CAMUS - Ile de Re XO
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This Cognac comes from the Ile de Re (pronouced "Ray") which lies off the West coast of France close to the port of La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime "Departement" of France. The island is small with 70 Km of stunning coastline, measuring 30 Km in length and 5 Km in width. The island has an unusual microclimate with plenty of sunshine year-round and this combined with the sea breezes leave a salty taste on the grapes which help to develop a warm powerful Cognac.

The Mainly Ugni Blanc grapes are harvested traditionally in mid-October, then pressed using traditional methods to ensure neither the skin nor the pips are damaged and after this the process of fermentation begins transforming the sweet juice into tart, alcoholic wine. This white wine is ideal for distillation. Then follows a lengthy, delicate process of ageing in oak barrels which results after many years in smoothing the rugged local spirit into this distinctive Cognac.

Camus Ile de Re Cognac is deep gold in colour with shades of mahogany. On the nose it is rich and powerful with aromas of gingerbread, tamarind and fern, and with a hint of tobacco. The palate is robust with a dominance of dried fruits and leather. Salty notes with a peppery finish. Enjoy on its own or with just a splash of water.

Category(s):     Cognac & Brandy
Group(s):     Cognac
Producer: Camus   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Camus
Country of Origin:   France
Region:   Cognac


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Producer Information

Since 1863, five generations of the Camus family have cultivated a single-minded passion for superb cognac, bringing to life the infinite riches and soul of the land that is their home.

The family has always controlled every stage of the Cognac making process from the soil and the grape to the finished blend and the bottle, ensuring that every Camus Cognac is marked by the personality of the family and the floral character of the Borderies, the smallest and rarest Cognac growing area where Camus vineyards are located.

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