Finest Call - Mojito Mix - Real Juices 1 Litre Bottle


Finest Call - Mojito Mix
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1 Litre Bottle
Available 10th May 2015

New and improved blend!

Finest Call Premium Mojito Mix now bursts with even more all-natural fresh Mint and real first press Lime Juice.

Exclusive, smooth-pour dispensing closure on every bottle.

Simply add rum and soda to enjoy the perfect Mojito.

All-Natural flavours, colours and real juices guarantee an unmatched cocktail experience.

Mojito: 50ml white rum, 75ml Finest Call Mojito mix, 25ml soda water, 100g ice, 4 mint leaves torn in half, 2 lime wedges cut in half. Place all ingredients in to a cocktail shaker in the order listed. Shake and serve.

Category(s):     Cocktail Mixer
Group(s):     ,   Mint Flavoured
Producer: Finest Call   -
Brand:   Finest Call
Country of Origin:   USA


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1 Litre Bottle 10th May 2015 £ 6.17 Add to BasketAdd to WishList

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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 04 Jul 2014
Review: E numbers? I use this quite often and there is not an E number in sight. Sure it does not replace "from scratch" Mojito's, but it does what it says on the bottle. Its a great fun product that makes a great drink.

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Producer Information

Finest Call offers unmatched product quality with each flavour specifically formulated to deliver the perfect cocktail with more juice & real fruit than the competition! Vivid fruit colours produce strikingly beautiful cocktails. Tamper evident seal and nitrogen flushing guarantee product freshness. Shelf stable before opening. Refrigerator stable after opening.
Finest Call offers packaging that is second to none, patented Finest Call dispensing closure comes with every bottle. Bottle/Cap combination designed specifically for making cocktails with colourful caps and neckbands ensure easy product identification. Sure-grip handle allows for use in wet environments. PET bottles offer brilliant clarity and shatter-proof convenience.

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