Dalmore - 1263 King Alexander Iii - Single Malt Highland Whisky



Dalmore - 1263 King Alexander Iii
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A Serendipitous Discovery - In the early days, Scotch whisky was enjoyed straight from the still, without aging. Probably by accident - and certainly by the 1820's - it was discovered that if the spirit was left in a wooden cask for a year or more (preferably more!) it would lose harshness, become richer and more complex, gaining a sublime, natural golden colour. Initially used for shipping sherry, port, brandy and table wines from Europe to Scotland's greatest ports these fundamental oak vessels were put to further use.

Now the fiery Scotch spirit could win character from the wood, warmed only by the redolent cask in our cool, damp Highland warehouses.

Harmonious Craftsmanship - During the 1970's, 1980's and '90s, the Master Distiller, Richard Paterson, filled French wine casks, Mediterranean Madeira drums, Sherry butts from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Marsala barrels from Sicily, Port pipes from the Douro and sweet Bourbon barrels from Kentucky with the fledgling Dalmore spirit. These he has monitored over the passing decades until each cask has matured its contents to perfection and his experimental innovation better understood.

Now comes the real art: selecting the casks so their individual characteristics work together, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The goal is balance, complexity and character - a harmony of aromas and flavours. This is what you have in the 1263 King Alexander III, a celebration of their heroic past, crafted in the present and an inspiration to an exciting future.

This luxurious aged malt is the result of perfect maturation in a variety of wine casks.

Aged aromatic Oloroso and Madeira butts provide great backbone and a structure of crushed almonds and rich citrus fruits.

The rich Port and Marsala woods add hints of wild berries and fleshy plums.

Warm vanilla notes of creamy toffee from the aged Bourbon barrels combine eloquently with the majestic whispers of ripe red fruits offered up by cabernet sauvignon barriques.

Complex, characterful and craved by connoisseurs.

Category(s):     Single Malt Whisky

Producer: Whyte & Mackay   -   www.whyteandmackay.co.uk
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Whyte & Mackay
Country of Origin:   Scotland
Distillery:   Dalmore
Region:   Highland


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Producer Information

Founded on the docks of Glasgow in 1844, Whyte & Mackay has remained true to itself and its founders James Whyte and Charles Mackay's pioneering spirit for over 160 years.
Today, when the traditional masculine values of pride, integrity and style are often forfeited in favour of profit, expediency and celebrity, Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whisky remains the No.1 choice of Scots, who appreciate its rich, smooth flavour, achieved by maintaining the time-honoured Double Marriage Blending process, something that all Scotch whisky distillers did before accountants took over the world.
From Glasgow’s proud ship building traditions, to its achievements in the arts & crafts, sport and scientific invention, 'Clyde built' has long been synonymous with quality and authenticity. Whyte & Mackay is proud of its Glasgow roots and their famous 'double lion' symbol, with them from the beginning and recognisable the world over, remains the sign of the very best in blended Scotch whisky.
By the late 19th century Glasgow was famous for its ship building, pioneering its craft all over the world. It was at this time that James Whyte and Charles Mackay began to marry the best whiskies of Scotland with the intention of creating the smoothest and most distinctive blend of scotch whisky.
Most of Scotland was drinking cognac at the time and it was considered a bold move to invest in whisky, but Mr Whyte and Mr Mackay had the confidence to follow their beliefs. Taking over 35 specially selected malts, from the four whisky regions of Scotland, they blended them together to form a distinctive 'Special' whisky.
Double marraige: Working on the philosophy of'‘all good things come to those who wait', Whyte & Mackay used a double marriage process in the blending of their whisky, the same process that is still used to this very day.
Most distillers settle for one maturation, only Whyte & Mackay is double matured to ensure a beautifully balanced blend.
First, the single malts are 'married' together and held in sherry butts for several months. Then this 'vatted malt' is mixed with up to six different grain whiskies and returned to another set of sherry butts to mature until perfection.
This unique process not only guarantees a smooth, mellow and distinctive character but more importantly guarantees consistency, accounting for every drop of Whyte & Mackay tasting as good as the first.
Whilst their basic ingredients are simple – malted barley, yeast, pure spring water – it is their award winning Master Blender, Richard Paterson's skill and the care taken throughout the long period of double maturation that makes Whyte & Mackay 'Special'.
Double Lion Brand: Since the very beginning, the iconic symbol of Whyte & Mackay has been the double lions. By an act of the privy council in 1603, all in Scotland who had the name of Macgregor were compelled, on pain of death, to adopt another surname. During this time many of the Clan assumed the name Whyte. As a mark of respect to the Macgregor/Whyte Clan, the founders of Whyte & Mackay took the lion from the Macgregor crest as their emblem. They then added to this the Lion Rampant of Scotland, evoking loyalty and strength to the heritage of Scotland. In more recent years the double lions are also said to be a tribute to the double marriage process that makes Whyte & Mackay whisky so special and to its two founders.
Most distillers settle for one maturation, they insist on two.
Whyte & Mackay also believe you can't hurry love. At a point when most other distillers bottle their aged blends, Whyte & Mackay's Master Blender returns them to sherry casks to marry for another year to create a deep mellow smoothness.
Their selected 13, 19 and 22 year old blends are 'over aged' by this additional year to produce a new standard in the industry. What a difference a year makes.
Awards: Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson has worked with the company since 1970. Third generation in a family which has long been established within the Scotch Whisky industry, Richard started honing his craft from the age of 17, working as a general production assistant at a whisky blending and exporting company. Having perfected the age-old double marriage process, Richard is no stranger to success and is regarded as one of the foremost whisky experts in the world.
As well as the numerous personal accolades acknowledging his pre-eminence in the whisky industry, Richard has also proven instrumental in Whyte & Mackay being awarded the following honours:
Whyte & Mackay 12 years old has won Gold in the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) twice, once in 2002 and again in 2004.
Whyte & Mackay 21 years old won has won gold three times in the IWSC competition (2001, 2004 and 2005).
Whyte & Mackay 21 years old won the top accolade at the whisky Cigar Festival held in Havana, Cuba in 2003.
Whyte & Mackay 30 years old picked up the gold medal and the overall competition trophy in the 2001 ISWC.
Whyte & Mackay 30 years old and the Don Ramos cigar were named the ultimate whisky and cigar pairing at the World Whisky and Cigar Challenge in 2006.

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