Chairmans Reserve - St Lucian Rum - Hint of Vanilla 70cl Bottle


Chairmans Reserve - St Lucian Rum
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70cl Bottle
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This rum is a blend of double distilled pot still and continuous still rums.

The pot still richness comes through on the nost along with juicy fruits and a hint of honey.

The palate is medium bodied with a soft feel, a hint of vanilla and spices.

Chariman's Reserve is best enjoyed by St. Lucian's with coconut water but can be drunk neat or with any chaser of your choice.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Gold Rum
Producer: St Lucia Distillers   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   St Lucia Distillers
Country of Origin:   St Lucia
Rum Style:   Gold


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7 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 07 Sep 2012
Review: This is easily my favourite \"everyday\" kind of rum. Tastes pleasant alone (but not my preference and goes brilliantly with any mixer or in a cocktail.

It hasn\'t got that \"edge\" that a lot of the mainstream rums have (like bacardi) and is nice and smooth.

If you\'re not sure (like I was when I first bought one) then just give it a go, you won\'t be dissapointed.

Date of Review: Fri, 23 Sep 2011
Review: Its blended using rums from both a double distilled pot still and a continuous still to give it a vanilla and honey nose with ripe exotic fruits pushing their way through. On the palate it gives off subtle sweet characteristics of spice with the vanilla being slightly more potent. Gives a bit of a kick on the way down but it leaves a mellow after-taste soon after.

Date of Review: Sat, 04 Apr 2009
Review: We spent a year living in Saint Lucia and we fell in love with Chairmans Reserve.We were back in the UK for 3 years before we found it at and now we are hooked again. I drink with coke and ice and my wife likes it with coke and lime. Highly recommended.

Date of Review: Fri, 27 Feb 2009
Review: We recently returned from St. Lucia and loved this rum mixed with ginger ale and a lime wedge.....incredibly refreshing! Reminds me of the islands.

Date of Review: Thu, 12 Feb 2009
Review: As with David below I was in St Lucia for my brothers wedding in Sept 07. On one of the last days I went on a rum tour to an old distillery and then to one of the only fully working distilleries on the Island. Picked this up as well as a bottle of Kweyol spiced rum from the same company.

Anyway, the taste. Being aged in an oak casket like most aged rum's it has a really earthy taste and deep warmth that's surprisingly smooth and mellow. Shamefully I've only got a quarter of a bottle left and hopefully won't touch that for a good while.

Too aged to mix with coke and is best served up straight over 1 or 2 ice cubes.

Highly recommended for a cheap but nice sipping rum. In my eyes beats Appleton 12 and is on par with another of my favourites R L Seales. Doesn't touch an Eldorado 15 or Ron Zacapa but then again they're a lot more expensive.

Date of Review: Sun, 14 Dec 2008
Review: I bought a bottle of Chairmans Reserve for my husband as I read a great review for it in The Times, he normally drinks vodka. He loves it he's now planning what he calls a Tiki Christmas party for our friends with a Chairmans Reserve cocktail he's working on. I normally don't drink spirits but I love it with mango juice.

Date of Review: Wed, 03 Sep 2008
Review: I recently travelled out to Saint Lucia for my brothers wedding, where I was lucky enough to taste its local delights, one of which is Chairman's Reserve Rum. It is a gold blended rum which is really quite superb. I'm not a connoisseur of rum as such but I know what I like. It can be drunk straight up or on ice as it is quite sweet to taste. But it can also be mixed with a cola. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys rum to try this. You won't look back!

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Producer Information

In 1922, the Barnard family purchased the large sugar estate of Dennery. Ten years after that purchase, the young Denis Barnard founded a distillery at Dennery and in 1972 merged the Dennery Factory Co. Ltd. with Geest Industries Ltd. in Roseau Valley to form the St. Lucia Distillers Group of Companies which now operates from Roseau. Denis' son and the grandson of the original owners of Dennery is the current Managing Director of St. Lucia Distillers.

Over the years, the family-run factory has been considerably modernized and new technologies and improvements constantly incorporated. After Angostura Ltd. of Trinidad and Tobago (producers of the World famous Angostura Bitters) bought a 24.9% stake in the company in April 1998, a new bottling line was commissioned which enabled the Distillery to blend and bottle a wider range of specialist rums and liqueurs. The installation of a pot still in 1998 has also meant that especially high quality flavorful rums, still being aged, are now being produced. The company has since introduced two more pot stills adding to the variety of rums being produced.

In 2005 CLICO Holdings Barbados Ltd. purchased the Barnard family shares and intends to continue the traditions established by the Barnard family with Laurie Barnard remaining as Managing Director.

St. Lucia Distillers is very proud of its reputation as a producer of over twenty five of the highest quality rums and rum liqueurs in the Eastern Caribbean and of the awards and prizes our rums have won.

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