Brockmans - Intensely Smooth Gin - Deliciously Sumptuous 70cl Bottle


Brockmans - Intensely Smooth Gin
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70cl Bottle
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Brockmans is a beautifully made, intensely smooth gin to be enjoyed into the night. It is deliciously sumptuous with a daring allure.

The flavour notes that make Brockmans so unique are derived from an intriguing and unique bond of flavours. The Bulgarian coriander plays its part, it has an aromatic, almost gingery orange flavour, which marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries.

This inspired combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet peel of Murcian oranges, prolong the deeper tones and serve to give Brockmans its intensely smooth, beautiful taste.

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Producer: Brockmans   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Brockmans
Country of Origin:   England
Type:   Gin


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9 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Sat, 29 Nov 2014
Review: I first tried this in Spain and thought it was amazing. I bought a bottle from TheDrinkShop on my return and it lasted about two weeks! So I just bought six more. It is without doubt the best gin that exists. You don't even need to drink it - it smells so incredible that my wife and I just open a bottle to have a sniff now and again!

Put a lot of ice in a big glass. Intermingle frozen raspberries and frozen blueberries with the ice cubes, then pour on the Brockmans and some Fever Tree tonic. The best drink ever.

Date of Review: Mon, 06 Oct 2014
Review: This is absolutely unique and delicious. There's a mix of berries in there, a rather delicate taste and aroma. Highly recommended.

Date of Review: Sun, 03 Aug 2014
Review: Well first of all I'd just like to say I used to hate gin. I never liked the taste .... until now :-) My wife likes gin and so I bought this one as a wee present for her and she loved it. I wasn't keen at first but I decided to try it myself and I am so glad I did. I even drank it straight with ice, which I thought I could never see myself doing with gin. If you like gin then this brand will not disappoint and I am sure you will be buying it again much like myself who is about to order some more ;-)
Great Gin!

Date of Review: Wed, 11 Jul 2012
Review: What a fab gin! Light tasting but still full of flavour. Have tried with Fever Tree tonic and got very good results. Also tried with elderflower presse and got even better results! Now one of my favourite Gins! Give it a go!

Date of Review: Sat, 25 Jun 2011
Review: Spent a fab afternoon with the guys at Pub du Vin in Brighton trying to work out the perfect mixer for Brockmans and think it might just be sparkling elderflower presse... Delicious.

Date of Review: Tue, 24 Nov 2009
Review: Superb Gin - taste and smoothness. Love it with ice and LEMON (note!) and Fever Tree tonic if you can get it. It is probably the nicest gin I have ever tasted and when I run out.....I order another bottle from Drink Shop as it is hideously difficult to find! Came across it at the Milestone Hotel in Kensington originally.

Date of Review: Mon, 03 Aug 2009
Review: I totally agree with the other reviewers, this gin is fabulous. The smell is divine and the taste smooth. Best with lime not lemon though.

Date of Review: Fri, 06 Feb 2009
Review: This gin is quite delicious with a very fruity, berry taste. I like it best with ginger ale (Schweppes being my choice). The packaging is absolutely superb and I do think it fits very stylishly onto my cocktail cabinet.

Date of Review: Tue, 20 Jan 2009
Review: This is by far the best gin I have ever tasted! So deliciously smooth and great just poured over ice!

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Producer Information

The creators of Brockmans, Kevan, David, Bob and Neil had one thing in common and that was an enduring fascination with gin and its range of interesting flavours, tastes and aromas. They had one aim in mind: to create a fresh taste that really changed the perception of contemporary gin.

As Kevan articluates:

"We focused on developing a gin that was so 'beautifully made' that you would want to try it on its own over ice. Further, we looked at developing a taste that was so 'intensely smooth', it could be enjoyed with a wide range of mixers, not just tonic."

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