Rubicon - Pomegranate Juice Drink 1 Litre Carton


Rubicon - Pomegranate Juice Drink
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1 Litre Carton
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The Pomegranate, also sometimes referred to as the Anar fruit is stepped in history and myth.

Pomegranate's name comes from The Latin for "fruit of many seeds" and is hotly touted as "the new wonder health fruit".

The fruit features a characterestic crown and beneath the tough leathery skin are hundreds of little sacks (arils) packed full of rubi red Pomegranate juice.

Rubicon carefully selects the finest fruits and expertly crushes the whole Pomegranate to produce a simply delicious Pomegranate super juice.

Category(s):     Fruit Juice

Producer: Rubicon   -
Brand:   Rubicon
Country of Origin:   UK
Fruit Juice by Brand:   Rubicon


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Producer Information

Rubicon was founded by 2 ex-employees of a major international soft drinks company in 1982. They got together & decided to start their own company specialising in Exotic Tropical Drinks. The love affair with exotic fruits started in one of the founder's kitchen, which was also used as a lab, and that is where the first product was born. They named it 'Passionade' - a sparkling Passionfruit drink, which was the first of its kind in the UK.
Passionade was a huge success when it was launched in the market. There was little marketing support at launch & the success was solely due to the authentic & premium taste.
But why call a company Rubicon? The founders took inspiration from a time in history. Did you know that Rubicon is the name of a river? The mythological meaning of Rubicon comes from the Roman era, when a senate told Caesar that his boundary to the empire should be restricted to the river Rubicon; however, Caesar ventured past the river against instructions and ended up with a large Roman empire. He was adventurous & daring much like our founders. There was no looking back after that .In true sense of crossing the Rubicon.

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