Luigi Bormioli - 'Vinoteque' Spritis Snifter Glassware - Medium


Luigi Bormioli - 'Vinoteque' Spritis Snifter
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Glassware - Medium
Available 10th Oct 2014

Beautiful award winning designs, elegance and strength are some of the features that make Luigi Bormioli crystal so special.

The collection has been developed to provide a superior, resonant, blown glass in a quality and purity rivalling that of lead crystal.

The fine beadless rim on a Luigi Bormioli glass has been heat treated to strengthen it and all the glasses are dishwasher proof.

Category(s):     Glassware
Group(s):     Crystal Glassware
Producer: Luigi Bormioli   -
Brand:   Luigi Bormioli
Care Tips:   Wash by Hand Only
Country of Origin:   Italy
Glass Type:   Cognac


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Glassware - Medium 10th Oct 2014 £ 3.42 Add to BasketAdd to WishList

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Producer Information

With a fully flexible organisation, therefore able to co-operate both with large international industrial groups, ad with smaller companies.
Founded more than half a century ago, Bormioli Luigi built its success on the same pillars that made Italian lifestyle famous worldwide; creativity and good taste, fantasy and elegance, together with constantly improving manufacturing technologies.

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