Luigi Bormioli - 'Vinoteque' Martini - Italian Crystal Glassware Glassware - Medium


Luigi Bormioli - 'Vinoteque' Martini
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Glassware - Medium
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Beautiful award winning designs, elegance and strength are some of the features that make Luigi Bormioli crystal so special.

The collection has been developed to provide a superior, resonant, blown glass in a quality and purity rivalling that of lead crystal.

The fine beadless rim on a Luigi Bormioli glass has been heat treated to strengthen it and all the glasses are dishwasher proof.

30cl - 10.5oz.

Category(s):     Glassware
Group(s):     Crystal Glassware ,   Martini Glasses
Producer: Luigi Bormioli   -
Brand:   Luigi Bormioli
Care Tips:   Wash by Hand Only
Country of Origin:   Italy
Glass Type:   Martini


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Producer Information

With a fully flexible organisation, therefore able to co-operate both with large international industrial groups, ad with smaller companies.
Founded more than half a century ago, Bormioli Luigi built its success on the same pillars that made Italian lifestyle famous worldwide; creativity and good taste, fantasy and elegance, together with constantly improving manufacturing technologies.

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