Abelha - Organic Cachaca Silver - Traditional Artisan Cachaca 70cl Bottle


Abelha - Organic Cachaca Silver
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70cl Bottle
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Abelha Organic Cachaca was created from a simple idea: use the best possible all-natural ingredients and the most traditional artisan methods of production.

The cane is grown 100% organically in the beautiful protected national park of Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Northern Brazil, where the high, dry climate and sandy soils yield excellent cane for making cachaca.

The team at Abelha believe that quality and soul come from doing as much as possible in the traditional way, by hand, in small batches. They distil in a traditional copper pot still with a capacity of only 400 litres and all processes are carefully monitored by experienced eyes (and noses!). The result is a full-flavoured artisanal cachaca, with an intense fruity nose, fresh sugar cane taste and very smooth finish.

Abelha is also produced ethically. The company work in fair partnership with small holding farmers, teaching them organic farming and paying them a good price for their cane.

Category(s):     Cachaca
Group(s):     Organic ,   Unaged Cachaca
Producer: Abelha   -   www.abelha.co.uk
ABV:   39%
Body:   Medium Bodied
Brand:   Abelha
Cachaca Style:   Silver
Cachaca Type:   Artisanal
Country of Origin:   Brazil
Distillation Method:   Pot Still
Organic:   Yes
Region:   Bahia
Sweetness:   Sweet
Type of Ageing:   Stainless Steel Tank
Website:   www.abelha.co.uk


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Date of Review: Sun, 14 Aug 2011
Review: I was at Rum Fest in London, and out of all the cachacas I tried, this one made the best caipirinha. Definitely has the most flavours.

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Producer Information

Abelha Cachaca is a premium, small-batch Cachaca from Brasil that is 100% organic, and ethically produced. We produce both an unaged cachaca - Abelha Cachaca Silver - and also the matchless Abelha Cachaca Gold, which is aged for 3 years in Brasilian hardwood barrels.

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