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Sipsmith - Barley Vodka
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The spirits are distilled on a handmade 300L copper-pot still, the first to launch in London for 190 years. The master distller, Jared Brown, crafts each product by hand in genuinely small batches - never more than 500 bottles a time, often considerably less. This delivers stunning spirits that are smooth, full of charater and have true intensity of flavour.

Sipsmith's Barley Vodka is distilled from the finest English Barley spirit and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, one of the sources of the River Thames. The unique purification properties of the copper still and a cut taken from just the very top of the heart of the distillation run, mean the vodka is so pure that it requires no filtration or adulteration, delivering a deliciously smooth and buttery taste with an extraordinarily soft mouth feel.

Nose: Subtle but rounded nuttyness & barley notes, garnished by a hint of spice.

Palate: Elegant texture, gradually opens up with growing sweetness, while an underlying mellow barley note, light nuttyness & gentle, luscious spice emerge mid-way, together with sweetness balanced by underlying dryness.

Finish: Sweet-dry balance with nuttyness and a hint of pepper coming through.

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Category(s):     Vodka

Producer: Sipsmith   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Sipsmith
Country of Origin:   England


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Producer Information

Sipsmith is a small independent distiller crafting truly artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality.

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