Foxdenton - London Dry Gin 48% - Organic Botanicals 70cl Bottle


Foxdenton - London Dry Gin 48%
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70cl Bottle
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The process of producing a London dry gin with the perfect flavour is more complicated than with other gins. Regulations surrounding the production dictate that nothing may be added to London Dry Gin after distillation.

The flavour of botanicals will change in the distillation process so Fox Denton disconvered a unique combination of botanicals which was an extremely time consuming process as every trial batch needed to be distilled from scratch.

In other gins where flavouring agents are added after distillation the discovery process is immediate. However, as Fox Denton were making a London Dry Gin, a protected designation, any such additions after distillation were not allowed. They were only allowed to use natural flavourings and they chose to use organic botanicals only.

IWSC 2011, Silver Medal and Best in Class."Big, booming nose that gives everything a London Dry should do but more at the strength. Super active entry into the mouth yet gorgeously deep and mellow. All the flavour you could want in wonderful integration. Complexity gives super smoothness and velvet flow while retaining the lively character. Complex, long, refreshing finish. Aftertaste lasts for ever!"

Category(s):     Gin & Genever
Group(s):     Gin
Producer: Fox Denton   -
ABV:   48%
Brand:   Fox Denton
Country of Origin:   England
Organic:   Yes
Type:   Gin


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Producer Information

Fox Denton are a small family firm that specialise in the small scale production of English fruit liqueurs with their interest in fruits such as plum, blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry and traditional wild fruits like sloe. They use gin as a base for our liqueurs. Their intention is to make a good English drink based on traditional recipes.

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