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Magnum - Tonic Wine
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200ml Bottle
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From its 1999 entrance into the market, Magnum Tonic Wine has grown tremendously and is now easily one of Lascelles' top performing brands. Its steady ascent has simultaneously taken on a personality of its own echoing the best of Jamaican dancehall and its fashionable culture.

Also if there's one thing that is certain, it's that Magnum Tonic Wine is serious about energizing entertainment by developing authentic Jamaican culture. The brand has therefore gained a far reaching repertoire for its contribution to development of culture in Jamaica via varied sponsorship and promotion of the product in both rural and urban areas.

On a greater scale, Magnum has become relentless in its contribution towards Mainstream dancehall culture, partnering with some of the hottest artistes, dancers, entertainers and even Jamaica's number one sound system, Stone Love.

Magnum has also upped the ante by being a title sponsor for Jamaica's first televised dancehall show - The Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall Competition which was launched in 2007. Following on the heels of this successful show, Magnum went on to tour the island with the newly crowned King & Queen of dancehall via its Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall Summer Road show. The success of the 2007 and the 2008 summer tours were phenomenal.

The brand's consumers are as diverse as its many promotions, ranging from those in rural Jamaica who remain faithful to the brand for its promises of sexual fulfillment to those in the urban areas who view the brand for its lifestyle elements and the ever fashionable association. It should therefore come as no surprise that Magnum is a bestseller in mainstream wholesale and bar channels and is actively sought after by promoters and patrons alike.

Quintessentially, Magnum is as much top dancehall as Jamaica is to the dancehall culture. As the brand continues its expansions, Magnum is expected to surpass its current offerings and in turn reap major benefits from its wide acceptance and brand recognition across all spheres.

Category(s):     Mead & Tonic Wine

Producer: Wray and Nephew   -
ABV:   16.5%
Brand:   Wray and Nephew
Country of Origin:   Jamaica
Vintage:   NV


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Producer Information

Appleton Estate is the oldest and most famous of all of Jamaica's sugarcane estates. It is nestled in the fertile Nassau Valley on either side of the Black River in the Southwest of Jamaica. The origins of Appleton Estate date back to 1655 when the English captured Jamaica from the Spaniards. Frances Dickinson, whose grandsons Caleb and Ezekiel were the earliest known owners of the Appleton Estate, took part in that conquest of Jamaica, and it is believed that Appleton Estate was part of the land grant that Dickinson received as reward for his services.
After many generations of ownership by the Dickinson family, the Appleton Estate was sold out of the family in 1845. From then on, it was owned by a procession of prominent Jamaican families, each of whom helped to increase the size and potential of the Appleton Estate by purchasing additional acreage of land planted with sugarcane. During these years, the Appleton Estate was producing several different pot still rums, and it began to gain a reputation as a reliable source for quality rum, a reputation that continues to this day.
Meanwhile, John Wray, a successful rum producer in his own right, opened the Shakespeare Tavern in Kingston, Jamaica. Though no one knew it at the time, this tavern would ultimately contribute to the day when Mr. Wray and the Appleton Estate would join together to guide the Appleton Estate to worldwide acclaim. You see, in his tavern, Mr. Wray made it a practice to serve his patrons the rums that he himself produced. His rums were quite well received. Word began to spread of the quality of Mr. Wray's produce, and as his rums increased in popularity, his own rum production began to prosper. So successful was his venture that in 1862 John Wray invited his nephew, Charles J. Ward, to join him in a partnership. That same year, Wray & Nephew aged rums were awarded three gold medals at the London Exhibition, the first of many to be garnered over the years.
In 1916, the Lindo Brothers & Co purchased Wray & Nephew. Almost immediately thereafter, the new company, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., purchased the Appleton Estate. Today, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. produces rums that are unique and distinctly Jamaican. Bottlings include Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum, Coruba Jamaica Rum, Appleton Special Jamaica Rum and the prestigious portfolio of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums: V/X, Extra and 21 Year Old. Appleton Estate Rums are still produced on the Estate, which encompasses over 11,000 acres of sugar cane as well as a sugarcane refinery and the Distillery.

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