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Sacred - Open Sauce Contemporary 'Gin Making Kit'
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Create your own Bespoke Gin with OPEN SAUCE botanical distillates in 6 x 20cl bottles at 40% alc. by vol.

Ready to blend.

Suggestions from Ian Hart

"Please note - the six bottles in each box contain 40% alcoholic botanical distillates that can be blended into Gin with no other additions.

All the fresh cut botanicals in Sacred Gin are distilled - separately - under vacuum and it is this unique process that gives Sacred Gin its distinctive freshness. These separate distillates are now available in 20cl bottles giving you the opportunity to create your own Bespoke Gin or modify Sacred Gin. There are 2 different collections, each including the essential Juniper distillate and 5 further botanical distillates:

First of all, I recommend tasting each botanical distillate by itself at room temperature or with a little ice. Each of the individual distillates is delicious on its own and, in addition, has a purpose as a gin constituent. Juniper, for example is the essential ingredient in all London Dry Gins and should be the predominant flavour. Equally, a Citrus (Orange, Lemon, Pink Grapefruit or Lime) element is common to most, if not all gins and is strongly recommended, though not essential in the strictest sense. Licorice can be used to introduce sweetness, is a vital component of the "Old Tom" style of gins, and present in many regular London Dry Gins. Both Angelica and Orris root have an earthy depth to their flavour and are used both in gin making and perfumery as a fixative, to help the flavours stabilise and meld together. It is a good idea to have at least one of them in your blend.

When you have familiarised yourself with each botanical distillate, it's time to start mixing them to create your own gin. I suggest that each gin has a minimum of about 5 botanical distillates, although there is no hard rule. Here are three successful methods to try:

Method 1: create your own recipe Gin starting with Juniper distillate and adding just botanical distillates included in box. Mix 25 ml Juniper distillate with 10 ml Citrus - mixed or Pink Grapefruit distillate. Next add a teaspoon (approx 1-2 ml) of one of the other botanical distillates of your choice. After each addition, stir and taste the result. At some stage you will create something wonderfuL - make sure you write down the recipe. When you get to this stage it is very common to add something that spoils it, but don't worry. Put it to one side, and start again. Stop when you have recreated your wonderful gin and don't add the spoiler.

Method 2: add botanical distillates to modify Sacred Gin. Combine 1 ml Juniper distillate with 10 ml Sacred Gin and taste. Then take 1ml of any of the other botanical distillates of your choice, add and taste again. Then add 1ml of a different one, taste, and so on - there is no limit, and you do not have to add Juniper as Sacred Gin is already very well balanced (though all botanical additions are worth trying.) It is very helpful to do this with friends so you can compare notes. Use as much or as little of the extra botanical distillates as you like - it does not have to be 1:10 ratio - please experiment according to your instinct.

Method 3: add a botanical flourish to the top of a Gin & Tonic. As a final botanical flourish for any serve of Gin and Tonic - select your favourite 1 or 2 botanical distillates and add a dash or 2 (about 10ml) to float on top of your Gin and Tonic. The fizzing bubbles carry the aromatics into the space at the top of the glass like the bouquet of a fine wine.

Good luck with your recipes! Please feel free to telephone or email me if you would like to discuss anything further. (Perhaps you might be interested in a bespoke bottling of your creation.)"

Category(s):     Gin & Genever ,   Spirit Gifts
Group(s):     Gin ,   Sacred Gin ,   Stocking Fillers
Producer: Sacred Spirits Company   -
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Sacred Spirits Company
Country of Origin:   England
Type:   Gin
Vodka Type:   Grain


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