Sierra Milenario - Reposado - Gently Double Distilled 70cl Bottle


Sierra Milenario - Reposado
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70cl Bottle
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A 100% Premium agave, Sierra Tequila Milenario Reposado is aged in oak barrels for at least 9 months and benefits from the triple selection process at the Distileria Sierra Unidas in Mexico.

Sierra Tequila Milenario Reposado has a light amber, golden colour.

On the nose it is full of the intense fragrance of agaves harmonised with spices such as vanilla.

It has an excellent balance of sherry cask and floral fragrances.

In the mouth it has strong notes of agave with a subtle hint of pepper.

Its finish is long with the subtle memory of sherry cask.

Sierra Tequila Milenario Reposado is available in 70cl at 41.5%ABV.

Sierra Tequila Milenario Reposado is perfect consumed neat or as a base for a number of cocktails.

Category(s):     Tequila & Mescal
Group(s):     100% Agave
Producer: Sierra Milenario   -
ABV:   41.5%
Brand:   Sierra Milenario
Country of Origin:   Mexico
Grade:   100% Agave
Region:   Jalisco
Style:   Reposado
Type:   Tequila


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Producer Information

Sierra Milenario is a new Ultra Premium Tequila made from 100% Agave. It's name is derived from "Millenium" which represents the 1,000 years since Tequila was first discovered and developed in Mexico, as a gift from the gods. Over the last millenium the Mexicans have developed and perfected their Tequila into this latest product. Sierra Milenario is the soul and symbol of perfection.
Sierra Milenario benefits from a special Triple Selection Process. The first step is the selection of the Millenial- Premium fields in the high altitudes of the Jalisco region. Special Grand Cru fields are defined for Sierra Milenario.
The second step is the choice of only the very best baby agaves which are matured and cultivated only after 12 years of careful nurturing.
In step 3 these agaves which have grown under perfect conditions and which have a very high sugar content, are picked and processed while still fresh.
Only the very best juice of the Millenial - Premium agaves is used for Sierra Milenario. An extremely gentle first and only pressing of the agave, retains the fine fibres of the agave fruit and gives Sierra Milenario it's unique character of fresh and perfectly mature agaves. A traditional and gentle low grade distillation in copper pot stills retains the fine flavours of the agave.
This special distillation process gives Sierra Milenario its unique character of the finest agave notes.
Produced in the Distileria Sierra Unidas, Mexico, Sierra Tequila Milenario is available in a fantastic pyramid shaped bottle designed by Classons. Sierra Tequila Milenario is available in two distinct types depending on flavour and grade of maturity.

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