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Kamm & Sons is a British aperitif - a bittersweet botanical spirit that stimulates the palate before food. Distilled in London using a blend of 45 natural botanicals including ginseng, fresh grapefruit peels and manuka honey.

The taste is complex and distinctive - citrus freshness with light floral, anise and juniper notes giving way to a sweet, rich and herbal palate, ending with a long, honeyed bitterness. At 33% abv. is lighter than most spirits and can be enjoyed neat over ice, served with simple mixers or used in cocktails.

Kamm & Sons was created by former-bartender and cocktail maestro, Alex Kammerling who has 20 years experience in the drinks trade. Inspired by the medicinal origins of alcohol, Alex experimented with over one hundred botanicals infused into alcohol over a five-year period trying to find the perfect balance of flavor, before perfecting the Kamm & Sons recipe. Alex has dedicated the name of his spirit to his late, great-grandfather who used to make a similar-tasting herbal cough sweet in his confectionary factory in Vienna. Today 2 generations of Kammerlings are involved in the running of the business, and only members of the Kammerling family know the spirit's secret recipe.

Kamm & Sons can be found in Londonís best hotel bars, restaurants and cocktail bars including the Savoy, The Connaught, 69 Colebrook Row, Hix, Soho House and Pollen St. Social. Since Launching in 2011, Kamm & Sons has been very well-received by the press and has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Evening Standard, Esquire, Metro, and many more.

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Producer: Kamm & Sons   -   www.kammandsons.com
ABV:   33%
Brand:   Kamm & Sons
Country of Origin:   England


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Tue, 20 May 2014
Review: The old 50cl bottles are no longer available, but the TheDrinkShop does have plenty of stock of the new 70cl bottles.

Type Kamm and Sons in the search box to find the new stock in the gorgeous new shaped bottle.

Date of Review: Sun, 10 Feb 2013
Review: Came across this in a magazine review and can't put it down! The bottle recommends you serve it with bitter lemon and that works really well but it seems to mix with everything. I've mixed it with ginger beer, apple juice, lemonade, tonic water and even Coke and it goes with them all. For the more adventurous, replaces Campari very well in a Negroni. Delicious.

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Producer Information

The creator of the brand is Alex Kammerling, an ex-bartending cocktail maestro and self-professed drinks geek.

He comes from a long line of Kammerling men, many of whom have been involved in the creation of the brand and who currently work in the business.

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