Dr Adam Elmegirabs - Aphrodite - Handcrafted Bitters 100ml Bottle


Dr Adam Elmegirabs - Aphrodite
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100ml Bottle
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Aphrodite Bitters are a unique, hand-crafted cocktail ingredient which take their name from the Greek goddess of sexuality and love.

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are alleged to increase sexual desire and like many traditional bitters the botanicals selected for this bottling have been chosen for their alleged medicinal qualities, in this case as an aphrodisiac.

The finest chocolate, cocoa nibs, ginger root, red chilli, Arabica coffee and ginseng are compounded to create a complex flavour profile with each botanical playing off and enhancing one another.

Category(s):     Bitters

Producer: Bokers   -   www.bokersbitters.co.uk
ABV:   38%
Brand:   Bokers
Country of Origin:   Scotland
Flavour:   Chocolate


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