Bundaberg - Overproof - Australia's Favourite 70cl Bottle


Bundaberg - Overproof
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70cl Bottle
Available 20th Feb 2016

Over-proofed and the genuine Australian article is a stronger tasting rum due in part to the larger ageing vessels and its own distillation process.

It has been blended for extra strength and flavour and is Australia's favourite rum.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     Dark Gold Rum ,   Overproof Rum
Producer: Bundaberg   -   www.bundabergrum.com.au
ABV:   57.7%
Brand:   Bundaberg
Country of Origin:   Australia
Rum Style:   Overproof


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3 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 12 Jun 2009
Review: The same as normal Bundaberg, but with more taste/power. Definitely pleasant in a long drink, but there are much better Caribbean rums out there. Not a sipping rum.

Date of Review: Thu, 05 Oct 2006
Review: I had Bundy and coke at a pub in Perth when I was on deployment in the US Navy. I can honestly say that it comes close to beating the Jack Daniels I'm used to drinking in the states. Cheers mates, you'll enjoy it.

Date of Review: Fri, 21 Jan 2005
Review: i was introduced to bundaberg rum by an Australian friend in a Walkabout pub and have spent the past 6 months trying to find somewhere i can buy it. I have onlybeen able to find it in 2 pub chains so far. They are jd wetherspoons and of course Walkabout, but hurrah, and what joy i can now order it from here and will be trying all 3 varieties

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Producer Information

In 1872 commercial sugar cane starts production in Australia.
A new industry is born as commercial sugar cane is found to be successfully suited to Australia's tropical regions. In 1880 Bundaberg makes its name as Australias sugar cane capital and with a good climate combined with its favourable location sees Bundaberg and the surrounding district in Queensland establish itself as a leader in sugar cane production.
By 1888 the Bundaberg Distilling Company is born and with the local sugar industry flourishing, a consortium of local sugar millers seize the opportunity to produce rum. In 1889 the first Bundaberg Rum comes out of the distillery.
With the plant, equipment and expertise in place, the fledgling distillery successfully produces its first rum, a total of 22,500 gallons.
In 1892, a local competitor arrives on the scene, established by the Waterview sugar mill, a new distillery opens to challenge for a share of the Bundaberg Distillery's ever-expanding market and in 1903 The Waterview Distillery is destroyed by floods. These were disastrous for the Waterview Distillery, sweeping away its hopes of challenging Bundaberg Rum.
In 1939 Bundy goes to war!
The Australian Government takes over all rum stocks for the armed forces, the Royal Navy and the US military.
In 1950 Bundy is disguised in many different labels. The Bundaberg Distilling Company begins to sell rum in barrels, overproof, to agents who bottled it under their own labels.
In 1986 the seeds are sown for Bundaberg Black with Master Distiller, Dr Lou Muller, putting aside one vat of Bundaberg Rum, destined to become the famous Bundaberg Black Rum and by 1993, Dark and Stormy is born.
Bundaberg Distilling Company combines two famous products - Bundaberg Rum and Ginger Beer - to make a distinctly Australian product, Dark and Stormy.
1996 sees the launch of Bundaberg Black to the market, the first release of Australia's premium quality rum, Bundaberg Black, specially aged as an Ovintage rum. In 1999 a first in the premix spirit market, Bundaberg launches a Bundaberg Rum & Cola mixed at 3.5% alcohol strength. Perfect for those occasions when you have to be in control!
In 2001, Bundaberg Rum. proudly supporting the Wallabies and for the first time in Australia, a spirit brand takes out a major sponsorship opportunity, Bundaberg and the world champion Wallabies - what a fit.

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