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Artemisia - Pimpinella 6 Tap Crystal Absinthe Fountain <font color=red>Video Feature</font>
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Skilfully manufactured in the city of Prague, famous for it's crystal glassware, and for its deep connection and history with absinthe.

The imposing eagle on top of the lid is beautifully produced, and the striking design continues to the bowl for the iced water, adorned with 6 chrome-effect taps to an attractive tapering stem and wide base.

How to use: Put a small amount of shaved ice in the fountain (melts quickly) or, add ice cubes and a little water. Put a measure of absinthe into each glass, place the spoon on top and put a sugar cube on top of the spoon.

Turn on the taps to allow slowly dripping water to dissolve the sugar cube into the absinthe. Once fully dissolved, continue to add chilled water from the fountain into each glass to suit your taste.

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Category(s):     Glassware
Group(s):     Absinthe Glassware ,   Absinthe Paraphernalia ,   Crystal Glassware
Producer: Artemisia
Brand:   Artemisia
Care Tips:   Wash by Hand Only
Country of Origin:   Czech Republic
Glass Type:   Absinthe


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