Harvest - Gold Mead - Traditional English Wine 70cl Bottle


Harvest - Gold Mead
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70cl Bottle
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Harvest Gold Mead is the classic interpretaion of traditional mead, the storied drink of ages.

Existing 10,000 years ago, mead is very likely the oldest known alchoholic beverage. Indeed the pages of time are replete with reference to it.

This delicous English tipple blends the finest ingredients to provide a delicately sweet mouthwatering flavour and rich golden honey colour.

Category(s):     Mead & Tonic Wine
Group(s):     For Her ,   Mead ,   Mother's Day
Producer: Chateau des Rontets   -   www.chateaurontets.com
ABV:   13%
Country of Origin:   United Kingdom


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4 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 26 Jun 2009
Review: I've had a taste of this Mead and went searching for it all in drink shops and local markets. To no avail could I find it. I would love to find it in America some where. It's got an authentic taste and very well worth searching for.
ed. We are able ship to America - TheDrinkShop.com

Date of Review: Thu, 04 Jun 2009
Review: When heated, this wine makes the perfect winter drink better than any mulled wine I've had. And when chilled, makes a referencing summer drink. Definitely worth piking up a few bottles as it's very moreish.

Date of Review: Sun, 31 Aug 2008
Review: Would I buy it again? YES. I was curious about mead and how it tasted like, and decided to buy this bottle via this website (as here in Spain sadly is impossible to find), and it tasted the way I imagined, or even better. It's currently (although I've yet to taste spiced mead and wine) my favourite drink.

Date of Review: Thu, 30 Jun 2005
Review: Found this sort of 'by mistake' and thought, aye, what the hells, try it.
It's sweet as you would expect, similar in many ways to a Moscatel but not as cloying on the palate, it also has that delicious honey flavour right through from start to finish which (for me anyway) makes me want more. Lots more.
I've tried Lindisfarne Mead and think that not as pleasant as this one, I realise this is probably a mass-produced drink in huge stainless steel vats but for me, yeah, it works well enough.
A lot about a drink is the way you serve and present it (don't you hate those plastic glasses at outdoor events?) and this is no different; the first time was in a small stone hut in the middle of the Pennines and it was room temperature and straight from the bottle (well it's a sort of glass...) and it was good enough, however it is vastly improved by a light chilling and serving in a good sized goblet, you can get the aroma, the flavour and most of all the volume that (let's face it) we're all after.
Sticking it in the freezer for an hour to chill it right down and then serving in your favourite pewter or horn goblet and pretending to be a viking works well too, you get the cold liquid and then, as your mouth and throat warm it, the aromas and flavours are intensified
Would I buy it again? YES.

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Producer Information

Rontets estate. This estate, created by Mr. Claude Nonain who died while abbot in Fuiss�� in 1819, was confiscated in 1793 (during the French revolution) for the benefit of the nation but was not sold. In 1844 at my arrival in Fuiss�� it belonged to Mr.

Terrier former head teacher in M��con as a result of his marriage with one of Mr. Nonain's grandnieces. [...] Mr Nonain, I've been told, in a period of famine cleared Rontets' land: to do so he employed the poor people of his parish and provided them the bread they were missing. At the end of 1848 Mr.

Terrier sold this estate for 8,000 francs to Mr. Liaut, wine mercant in Lyon who replaced Mr. Nonain's small houses with the present beautiful house and its annexes.

A few years later Mr. Liaut sold this estate which after two different owners belongs today to Mr. Varambon, lawyer in Lyon.

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