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Bouzo do Rei - Orujo
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Brilliantly Clear with aromas of apple, herbs and exotic fruit. The palate provides a pleasant warmth to re affirm the bouquet along with a lengthy finish of minty herbs.

When you press top quality grapes, as Bouza do Rei do, you are left with top quality marc.

It is this that separates Orujo de Galicia from the seemingly tired grappa's and eau-de-vies that seem to saturate the market and hide the real potential of these often under-rated spirits.

A careful ferment and distillation process culminates in a spirit of unmatched refinement and complexity from this top quality Galician producer.

Category(s):     Speciality

Producer: Bouza do Rei   -
ABV:   42%
Brand:   Bouza do Rei
Country of Origin:   Spain


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Producer Information

Bouza do Rei is situated in Ribadumia in the heart of the Salnes valley, between the estuaries of Arousa and Pontevedra, the largest coastal plain in Galicia. It is one of the most fertile areas of land, and is considered to be a historical sub-region of Albarino, presenting one of the flattest orographies. In fact, the vines are normally grown on small hills which rarely reach higher than 100 metres above sea level.
The terrains of the Rias Baixas wines are under the influence of the Atlantic climate: in autumn and winter they normally receive warm fronts from the tropics, which usually result in heavy rains, with yearly averages of around 1300 mm and mild temperatures. Spring comes early and is free from frost. The summers are dry, though they are normally mild due to the proximity of the sea and the protective influence of surrounding mountains. Generally speaking, the soil has a high level of granite and is relatively sandy, rich in organic material, slightly acidic, permeable and deep (except on the hills), thus favouring the cultivation of grapes with a pleasant flavour.

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