La Fee - Absinthe Blanche - Clear Absinthe 70cl Bottle


La Fee - Absinthe Blanche
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70cl Bottle
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La Fee Absinthe Blanche is a classic premium distilled absinthe based on an authentic 19th century recipe, distilled in conjunction with the French Absinthe Museum (Auvers-sur-Oise) with Grand Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and other traditional herbs and spices and bottled in Paris.

La Fee classic Blanche (clear) absinthe, displays a more pronounced fennel character, with less anis. No sugar is required for the traditional serve, as Blanche has a naturally softer, sweeter character.

La Fee Blanche and Parisienne are endorsed by The French Absinthe Museum (Auvers-sur-Oise). Each distillation is personally tested and approved by Marie-Claude Delahaye - world renowned Absinthe expert and historian; founder and curator of the museum.

A style historically associated with bootleg Absinthe, following the bans; as a clear spirit was harder to identify.

Traditional serving: one part Blanche to 2-4 parts iced water, turning a milky white. Absinthe is no stranger to cocktails, being an essential ingredient for all bars during the Belle Epoque. La Fee Absinthe Blanche is a deliciously different ingredient for both traditional and modern cocktails.

Category(s):     Absinthe
Producer: La Fee   -
ABV:   53%
Added Sugar:   No
Base Spirit:   Beet
Brand:   La Fee
Country of Origin:   France
Louche (clouds with water):   Yes
Production Method:   Blended Herbal Distillates


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